Makeup Artist Geetha Kiran - be in bloom and BLOSSOM into the GIFT your meant to be. I am a freelance professional makeup artist trained by a celebrity makeup artist. I hold a MBA degree and work as a HR Manager in a MNC in Bangalore. Makeover is my passion where I strongly believe in Natural beauty. Amazing things are meant to be photographed to stay in our vision forever, to cherish the memory even after decades. If the memory stays forever,is it not necessary that it should be captured when she looks the best? I do agree that beauty is in the heart but if its a matter forever, it should be stored in a little face too. She should shine like a moon and glow like sun and we make it possible ! we help you look the best. We help you appear happy at yourself and love yourself. We make you as if you stand in front of the mirror and secretly feel proud at your beauty. "Beauty is in everyone and everything;how we get on with it is what matters". We make you beautiful; that is why we are !!!

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