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Destination weddings are a dream come true for any to-be-wed couple. From exotic palaces in Rajasthan to beautiful beach resorts in Goa; from the green haven of Kerala to the rolling hills of Ooty, India offers a host of destination wedding options!

Finding one that fits your dream wedding needs tons of research, time and effort. But, with 7vachan, you can find the perfect wedding destinations in 3 easy steps!

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How the Destination Wedding Plan Works

Destination Wedding

Vicky is looking for the perfect destination wedding venue in Udaipur. But he is busy with work, and does not have the time to travel multiple times to do research. He knows that he wants a luxurious high-end palace wedding and his budget is INR 30- 35 Lakhs for about 200 guests (100 rooms). He comes across and shares his details. Within 2 days, the 7Vachan team calls him up with a list of customized options all across India. He gets all the options at the comfort of home, without having to even visit a single property.

Destination Wedding

Vicky shortlists properties and finally narrows down to a 5-star property in Rajasthan which is perfect for his wedding, but looks like it may be out of his budget. It is currently quoting INR 20,000 + taxes per room including basic meals. But with the 7Vachan Advantage, the same property is now available below INR 15,000 with better menu spreads. The deal is further negotiated and is closed at INR 12,000 including taxes. All this in a week’s time, including his travel! A contract signed the next day including payment schedules based his comfort. He is so excited with his 7Vachan experience, that he upgrades his membership to include shopping & expert services.

Destination Wedding

And here we are, Vicky has had the perfect wedding. His family and friends are totally amazed by the exclusive yet, thoughtful wedding they've had. The happy couple fell in love with each other all over again.
They've saved an average of 35% on their destination venue. Thanks to Vicky's upgrade, he further saved INR 7 lakhs in the decoration, photographer, mehendi artist, and almost INR 3.5 lakhs in shopping and INR 5 lakhs in jewellery.

What Our Customer's Say

Sayantani Nandi
5stars March 18, 2014

"Like everyone, I wanted the most memorable wedding day not only for me but also for my friends and relatives. Unfortunately, I just had a short period of 2 months in India to do all the preparations and convert my dream into reality. One day, when I was tired of my venue/caterer/decorator hunt, I happened to talk to Minnat, who told me about her venture – 7Vachan and how it could help. I just had to give my requirements once to her and she was super prompt with her findings which appropriately suited my budget and needs. I could call Minnat at 11pm at night with any query! Their contact base is profound and they know how to cater to individual requirements. I would highly recommend them to any person planning their wedding. All the best, 7Vachan!"

Akshat Narain
4stars March 22, 2014

"Let me start by stating that I am personally a fan of 7Vachan! I started off preparing for my marriage quite confused and bewildered by the amount of things to be taken care of and quickly understood that it amounts to looking for a needle in a haystack. This was when I came across 7vachan and thought why not give it a try. The response was simply overwhelming. The professional attitude and diligence with which my requests were carried out was simply amazing. The best part, according to me, was that a lot of time was spent in understanding the exact nature of my requirement before any suggestions were given which saved time, effort and money in the end.
I would highly recommend 7Vachan as an ideal wedding partner to everybody!"

Destination Weddings : Aspects to consider

   For we Indians, wedding is one of the most important events of our lives. As it’s highly significant, we all want it to be supremely regal as well as perfect! However, choosing a right destination for the dream wedding is always a tough task and needs lot of attention. Though it largely depends on your taste, there are several aspects to be kept in mind before making the final decision.

A. Destination that suits your taste: At least for once, we all must have thought of a destination where we would like our dream wedding to take place, just like where we would like to go for our honeymoon. Goa, Kerela, Rajasthan and Himachal are the few names that top the list of the most favorite wedding destinations, when it comes to Indians. If you haven’t thought about it yet, start thinking.

    Palaces, forts, forests/safari, resorts, farm houses, 5-star hotels, beach or river side, backwaters are some of the choices available these days. Take your pick and then think about the destination that offers you the luxury that suits your taste. Try to shortlist more than one destination of different climatic conditions and budget, along with your would be spouse. Wondering Why? Read ahead to get the answer…

Destination Wedding Aspect
Destination Aspect -2

B. Destination that suits your guests: In India, it is a common practice that often before we decide whom we want to get married, we start preparing the guest list. No wedding in India can be possible without the blessings of elders, community people and friends.

    We know that the day is about you but comfort of your guests is also important. Thus, your chosen destination should suit them as well. For instance, for families with toddlers, a safari wedding would be very uncomfortable, so as a beach wedding for elderly people. It’s obvious that you won’t be able to please every guest but at least you can shortlist destinations that suit your taste and also the comfort of the age-groups that dominate your guest list.

C. Logistically feasible with suitable weather: Logistics is a very important aspect one needs to consider before finalizing a destination for the wedding. You definitely don’t want to trouble your guests or yourself would like to go through the ordeal of taking different transports to reach the venue. Thus, your dream destination needs to be well connected via road, rail as well as air.
    A pleasant weather can increase the entire experience of a destination wedding manifolds. Check if the local weather suits your wedding date or not.

D. Destination that fits into your budget: Even before you shortlist the destination, you have to decide the budget for each activity. We recommend setting a highest limit beforehand, though there is always a possibility that you will exceed it but it’s a rational approach.
    These are few preliminary aspects you need to consider (not in any specific order) for choosing a perfect destination for your dream wedding. However, the actual work begins after you decide your budgets and requirements. But no need to fret, just give 7vachan a call, and we would be there to happily assist you.