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What Our Customers Say!

I invited 10 friends to 7Vachan. Firstly, I earned a million thanks for lessening their work from my friends. They had more choices and could take better decisions. And, ofcourse I earned 15k for 3 of my friends actually booked.
Sayantani Nandi
Sahil Shah, Hyderabad Referred on, 12th Jan 2016
Though I had a wedding planner, I had an issue with the vendors shown to me as they were outside my budget. Then I turned to 7Vachan & the team understood my needs well. They introduced me to vendors within my budget, without compromising on quality.
Bhavna Thor
Bhavna Toor, Bangalore Married June 27, 2013
I can't imagine how I would have managed my wedding without 7vachan. They have been involved through all parts of my wedding - venues, guest accomodation, photography....The team is very helpful and always available on phone, email & whatsapp.
Neha Gupta
Neha Gupta, Pune Married May 15, 2014