8. They ensure your 100% satisfaction and will talk with you personally to discuss any specific requests you might have regarding style or engraving choice. This white gold and cubic zirconia ring from Goldsmiths could make a ideal placeholder ring — if you wanted to propose with it then save up for a diamond ring or whether you wanted to then have another half choose out their very own engagement ring. Martin Jewelers. Inexpensive Engagement Rings Under 500. Martin Jewelers is an independent, fine jewelry retailer. Having an gemstone budget of 500 you can decide on a coloured diamond ring or look into other center stone options, which often give you more bang for your buck.

It’s possessed by Ellen Ramer, is a highly respected jewelry professional. 9. She holds the maximum certificate of gemological expertise awarded from the pick American Gem Society, Certified Gemological Appraiser. We adore the imperial style of a marquise diamond and this elegant layout also includes two small solitaire diamonds either side. Noellery. You are able to choose from a white gold, yellow gold or rose gold setting. Determined by the inspiration of innovative design, vibrant colour palettes, imperfect beauty and quality materials, Noellery is a girls ‘s accessories and jewelry firm established in New Jersey. 10.

Their collections range from subtle to bold, simple to intricate, preppy to edgy and classic to chic bits that help to bring out any girl ‘s outfit. Naava Brilliant Solitaire Engagement Ring — from 294.95, Amazon. With value in mind, they are proud to assist you deliver your fashion statement to the planet without breaking your bank. Keep things classic and conventional using a simple solitaire ring.

As one of the pioneers in identifying 22k gold jewelry, Raj Jewels Bansal Group serves customers of varied ethnicities with consistent and genuine quality, design and craftsmanship. The timeless design includes a certified diamond mounted on a 9ct white gold polished band. They pride themselves on a vast group of Kundan jewellery, Temple jewellery, precious and semi precious stones and the elegance of diamond jewelry alongside an exclusive department on Indian jewelry such as wedding bands & diamond engagement rings. 11. Their personalized jewelry choice caters to customers with particular requirements with the option to place orders that are customized. Jenny Packham White Gold Ring — 400, Goldsmiths. In this guide, I’ll discuss my experience of purchasing an engagement ring in Singapore.

Yes you can find an engagement ring made by renowned wedding gown designer Jenny Packham for significantly less than 500! This dainty design features an assortment of baguette cut diamonds and we love the nod to 1920s jewelry style. This is actually the first in a series of articles about my marriage journey with Raevian. 12. I’d decided that Raevian was that the girl I wanted to devote the remainder of my life with, and I wished to buy the best proposal ring for her. Oval Morganite Engagement Ring — 331.98, Brilliant Forever. This was a once-in-a-lifetime buy, and I wanted to ensure that she would be happy with the ring layout.

Morganite is beautiful alternative to a conventional diamond and it has a beautiful peachy tone which gives a subtle glow. Which resulted in a conundrum for me: how was I going to guarantee she like the engagement ring if she did not personally choose the design? However on the flip side, if she picked the ring herself, it would spoil the proposal’s element of surprise. This morganite ring from Vibrant Forever has an oval centre stone that’s flanked by six tiny solitaire diamonds. For months, I couldn’t think of the way to resolve this catch-22 situation. 13. Finally, I decided that it wasn’t value maintaining the element of surprise at the expense of purchasing a proposal ring which Raevian didn’t like.

I’d Be Lost Without You diamond engagement rings Solid Gold Ring — 421, Chupi. She would be stuck with it for the remainder of her life. The sentiment behind this solid diamond and gold ‘that I ‘d be lost without you’ engagement ring is indeed significant — the layout is inspired by the North Star and is there to be the guiding light . And so one day, I decided to subtly seek her view on this. 14. I will spare you the details of our dialogue, but finally the end was that we’d buy the engagement ring together. Moissanite Engagement Ring — 262.55, Shy Gems Studio.

This manner, she could choose a design that she enjoys. If you think your other half will adore an engagement ring that’s timeless and refined, then this emerald cut moissanite put on a sparkling eternity band is ideal for the sophisticated lady in your life.