We’re living in the digital age, it was only a matter of time before weddings in Indian hopped on the bandwagon and got digitized.

In an attempt to save money a number of couples today make use of two most effective digital tools. The social network and of course a customised website.

Shwetha and Shadab who recently got hitched told us how they went the digital way, “I didn’t want to waste money and paper printing invites that will only get thrown by the way side. I created a Facebook event and invited a select few friends.”

While some couples got the Facebook way some choose to make it a little more personalized. Jyostna and Anush told us that for their wedding they created a website. “I didn’t want people coming to my wedding not knowing us, our story. It was important to me because sometimes you’ll have three hundred guests and only twenty know you. “ says Jyotsna

Beyond the invites, Tulika and Anshuman tell about how their wedding went digital. “I was working in New York at the time and she was in India. That winter was one of the worsts back then and I successfully managed to miss my flight back home. Thank goodness for Skype, it was just catching on then, but it truly saved the day. In the airport as I sat waiting for the next flight with Tulika back in India, we exchanged vows ” says Anshuman.

There’s nothing too farfetched in the digital age.

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