We usually do not provide customer buy-to-let mortgages.

Customer buy-to-let will perhaps not use to buy deals, clients with existing buy-to-let properties or any properties with present or future household occupancy. We’re going to continue steadily to use a consent-to-let for current NatWest home loan clients seeking to allow away a residential property on a domestic home loan, provided that no lease will be paid by a member of family as this will be a regulated BTL.

We incorporate a disclosure from the brand new buy-to-let product sales and gives home loan pictures which will make clients conscious that their loan is unregulated. We anticipate client interest in this kind of home loan become low and certainly will monitor the market that is emerging make sure we have been aligned to advertise forces.


For PAYE contract workers, we need 12 months’s proof (as an example, two contracts that are six-month four three-month agreements) and an agreement in position for the least an additional three to half a year.

For self-employed contractors whom earn significantly more than £75,000 pa we’ll calculate their income as their normal contract that is weekly multiplied by 46, supplied they could verify proof of:

  • their latest three months’ consecutive individual bank statements due to their primary account (not essential if their primary account has been NatWest or RBS)
  • where significant company costs are identified in the application, three months’ consecutive bank statements (individual or company) detailing these
  • a duplicate of contract(s) to encompass a 12-month period, with at the least a few months’ contract(s) currently finished instantly preceding the date of application.
  • they usually have taken no more than a six week break between agreements within the 12-month duration
  • the taxation place is compensated or over to date.

Numerous self-employed contractors might also trade using a Limited Company under this policy because it may be tax efficient for them to do so and subject to the criteria below we can help them . There clearly was some more information that you should be conscious of when publishing a software for a person whom satisfies these requirements:

  • While using the NWIS site to sign up, you need to key the applicant as ‘Self-employed’ NOT ‘Employed’.
  • Running using a company that is limited. The applicant(s) must fulfill one of several circumstances that are following

o Single applicant possessing 100percent associated with business

o Joint application where one applicant has 100percent for the business

o Joint application where the ongoing business is jointly owned

The employed applicant’s income should be excluded to avoid double-counting) o Joint application where one applicant owns 100% of the company and the other applicant is employed by the company (in this instance.

  • Significant company costs perhaps maybe not sites like blue trust loans reimbursed as part of an applicant’s agreement. Significant company costs as step-by-step below, needs to be completely grasped, evidenced and accounted for into the affordability calculation. Significant company costs could be, though not restricted to:

o Car/finance loans

o extensive travel and accommodation expenses

o classes

o pro indemnity insurance coverage

o Partner/spouse/employee salaries

  • Umbrella arrangements. We can’t make use of the high earning contractors’ criteria to think about applications from clients having an umbrella company arrangement. Under these scenarios an application would be considered by us under our PAYE contract worker policy.

Credit scoring

Credit scoring is really a tool that is statistical to assess a job candidate for credit facilities and ranks candidates by possibility of standard. All applicants is supposed to be assessed credit that is using and credit guide information acquired from Equifax along with a number of regarding the after:

  • Information supplied within the application procedure.
  • Internal information relating to existing account(s) with all the team.