Wedding in a few months? It is every bride & groom-to-be’s dream, to look the best and compliment their partners flawlessly.. Many hit the gym and the rest get hold of personal trainers to achieve perfect bodies and reduce the unwanted weight! Remember when you learnt about balanced diet , probably decades ago when you were in high-school? Well, why not get down to basics of a balanced diet and loose those extra kilos at home, enjoying every celebration and ceremony! Yes.. It is as easy at it seems.. and with an extra brownie point of not being too restrictive or harsh on workouts or diet. We all know that to attain a long-lasting result one must go slow without making any vigorous changes in your routine. One such process is the Volumetric Diet, which basically focuses on the energy density of foods which makes a person feel full without feeling deprived at any point on time. The result you get is slow & good weight loss that is sustainable. This diet isn’t like the strict Mathematic teacher but a lovable and spot spoken English teacher!



The Volumetric Diet explains how to divide the calories mentioned on the food label by the number of grams found on the label and what you get is the calorie density.




Low calorie density foods are the ones which are high in fibre and water and fewer on calories. Hence you can consume plenty of such foods and feel full without feeling deprived of eating less. For eg: non starchy fruits (citrus variety, berries etc), vegetables (tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli and the likes) ,broth based soups, eggs, low fat dairy products etc.On the other hand high density foods are the ones in which you gain a lot of calories inspite of just eating a handful or a small portion of it. For eg: cookies, cakes, donuts etc.



This diet doesn’t have a lot of do’s &don’ts!!! It lets you eat the foods that you love but in moderation. Why ignore foods you love when you can have them in moderation? This also encourages a person to be physically active by taking on to stairs instead of elevators.By incorporating foods rich in fibre and water as well as decreasing the intake of high calorie foods such as bakery items, fried foods, sweets etc and the like. Ones heart health is expected to improve.


There is no restriction within this eating plan, but you do need to be mindful of the energy density of foods. Following are four categories that include different foods:



Category 1

You can really hog on the Juicy Fruits, Vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, and broth-based soups, which are just delicious. Go bonkers and break the limitations of qountity and start a healthy living!





Category 2

Sometimes we all need a little break from the routines and enjoy a nice lunch out at your favorite restaurant. No matter how many efforts you make at home.. you just don’t attain the same taste as the restaurant. Eat out but a little care won’t hurt! Order the yummy dishes of brown rice or whole wheat pasta, lean proteins, legumes, and a low-fat dairy treat would do too.






Category 3

Once in a while the sinful indulgence into your favorite breads, desserts, fat-free baked snacks, cheeses, and higher-fat meats…but mind your portions please! A small portion will be good enough to satisfy the sinful dessert desire.





Category 4

No matter how far you try to run but the evil yet most mouth-watering foods chase you down at even the most unexpected places! But an occasional relish won’t hurt.. is that what you are thinking? Well, it’s true.. it wont hurt unless you really spell the word occasional like you mean it! Fried foods, candy, cookies, nuts, and fats are damages in disguise! They surely look tempting but wait! Have you ever seen those devil horns? Yes.. it isn’t really a good pick! BUT!!!! Occasionally! 😛


P.S. The plan encourages you to base eating decisions on categories 1 and 2, have smaller portions of category 3 and keep those in category 4 to a minimum.



The benefits to including more nutrient-dense foods include weight loss, improved heart health and improved overall health. Why not begin your new journey with a healthy heart, a sexier body and the envious in-laws! It time you trick your mind and think from the heart.. because this is about your wedding look.. and you wouldn’t dare want to mess it up!




Inputs By: Ms Khushboo Sahijwani Nutritionist from Shenmen Healing Center.Santacruz Mumbai.

Image Courtesy: Google