The important questions to ask.


Planning a wedding starts with finding the perfect wedding venue. Any of you who have already started your search will know that while you do have a lot of questions to ask while visiting the venue, you still walk away feeling you should have asked more.
Here we have put together an exhaustive list of questions to guide you through the process.



  • How accessible is the venue for your family & guests?
  • Is there sufficient parking for everyone?
  • Do they provide a valet service?


FINAL VENUE – banquet, lawn, terrace or poolside, hotels have many options.

  • Ask to see all options available and choose one that suits your wedding theme.
  • Incase of an outdoor venue, do check with the hotel if they have a back-up in case of rains etc.
  • Is there a minimum guarantee for that particular venue? This could affect costs significantly.
  • How many staff will be involved?
  • Will there be a coordinator/ supervisor at the time of the event?



  • Do they have in-house catering?
  • If yes do they have a fixed menu or allow for a flexible one?
  • If not do they have any recommendations or can you arrange your own?
  • Incase of hotel vendors, request for menu options and related costs.
  • Do they allow vegetarian & non-vegetarian food??
  • Do they supply alcohol?
  • If yes, when does the bar close?
  • If not can you supply your own alcohol, if so is there a corkage fee?



  • Discuss in detail what all is covered in the venue cost.
  • Incase of extra décor requirements, do they allow outside vendors?
  • If not ask them for the contacts of their vendors.
  • When is the earliest you can have the venue for décor etc.



  • What kind of seating arrangements are possible?
  • What is the maximum seating that can be provided in your preferred style?
  • What kind of chairs & tables will they be providing?



  • Things like liquor, DJ/ live performance, etc require licenses. Do confirm with the hotel if they have the right licenses.
  • Share the details of your wedding plan with the venue contact to ensure you cover all possible license queries.



  • When does the celebration have to end?
  • Is it possible to extend the deadline?



  • Would they provide rooms for the bride & groom to freshen up?
  • Where will the wedding gifts be stored?



  • Request for a detailed cost break down.
  • Is a deposit needed?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • When will the final amount be due?
  • Check if the final number includes all applicable taxes.




Hope this was helpful. Do let us know if we can add on more, will help many other like you.


Happy planning!


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