Few events in your lifetime define you as a couple like your wedding. Your wedding is your brand. This is why brides and grooms are so careful to plan a wedding that is uniquely theirs. We have carefully researched unique ideas from around the world. With this list and your own creativity, you will have a one-of-a-kind wedding that will be the envy of all your friends. Go beyond the dresses and the flowers and really reach for the unusual. After all, you are the author of the event, so make it uniquely yours.


Lounge areas

Outdoor weddings are beautiful. Whether you have a beach wedding or a vineyard wedding, a mountain wedding or a wedding on an island – nature creates a breathtaking decor. To make your wedding even more spectacular, arrange lounge areas for the guests. Small sofas and chairs arranged in several small areas around the wedding site give the  guest a place to gather. Having several lounge areas that are separate but close encourages people to visit casually and comfortable. Portable patio covers, matching pillows and candles bring the lounge areas together.

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Hanging decorative christmas lights for a wedding ceremony



Unusual transports

Transport your guest from the wedding to the reception area in an unexpected way. If your wedding is taking place in a mountainous area arrange a Hummer or Jeep transport. Have the reception set up in an area prearranged with caterers. Make the trip to the reception part of the event. If you are having a wedding near a river or near the gulf, consider having the reception aboard a riverboat. A sunset riverboat ride is lovely and less work than traditional venues.


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Golf carts for an unusual transport.


Local foods

Arrange with a caterer to serve foods that are special to the area you are holding your wedding. If you are being married in the south, have samples of barbeque, and comfort foods. If you are near New Orleans, gumbo is a must-have. If your wedding is on an island consider local seafoods. Your guests get the true flavor of the area in an exciting and fun way.

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Selective focus point on catering buffet food in luxury hotel resort


Take Home bags

Gift each guest with a personalised gift bag with treats unique to the wedding. Local vendors will have many ideas, and with a little wrapping in the colors of the wedding and handwritten notes, your guests will be thrilled. Check the area and find out what is unique to the area. Check with local establishments for locally made soaps, candles, honey, jams, and nuts. Gift cards for a cozy coffee shop will give your guest an excuse to stay a bit longer.


Thoughtful favours

Include items that guest will need like area maps, child care arrangements, snacks, and luxury bath oils. This is the perfect place to provide a handwritten card with instructions to your crowdfunding for charity site. This is an easy way for guest to help others in your honor. Your site will explain how the funds they contribute will help a cause dear to you. Perhaps a family member is ill and the funds can help them. Maybe you would like to have funds donated to childhood cancer research or the Make A Wish Foundation. Your guest are warmed by your thoughtfulness and this is the finale to your beautiful event.

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Wedding favours



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