A best friend getting married is the most exciting thing! You be with him/her all through the wedding preps, joking around and easing off the stress and madness is like the next best thing and days full of crazy ideas and shopping! Your friend is welcoming a partner in his/her life and you are going to gain another friend to make life more beautiful. When it comes to gifting your best friend on his/her wedding.. the questions isn’t really what your friend may like or not.. but what will make the best gift knowing every like n dislike! Here are top 20 wedding gifts, trending on Wedstore making it a perfect wedding gifting solution! Check it out!



 The Multicolor Marble Ganesh with Chowki is ideal for adding generous dollops of piousness to any new beginning, while being the cynosure of all eyes. The plethora of bright colors, adds to the visual splendor of this piece and the exquisite beadwork, along with the intricate design work makes this piece ideal for wedding gifting.

Ref Code:BH0384


The Handmade Multicolor Embossed Wooden Box features intricate design work, which reflects upon the quality of craftsmanship to make it a valuable piece of handicraft item. The meticulous carving of the finest grade wood gives shape to this box, with intricate patterns in riotous colors covering it all throughout. The lively colors, along with a sturdy design, makes this handmade box the perfect choice for gifting nostalgic elements, while highlighting your exquisite sense of aesthetics.

Ref Code:BH0311


Splendid piece of craftsmanship comes alive with this peacock-crowned marble artifact. Adorned with graceful minakari and beads work, this peacock styled chopra is an eminent example of magnificence and ethnicity. A magnificent wedding gift for one of the most special person.

Ref Code:BH0006


We have lit candles and diyas for centuries to mark the beginning of a celebration, illumination and for making our surroundings fragrant. This brass votive, with carefully poured in fragrant natural wax serves as the best solution to welcome your guests for a light evening or gifting near & dear ones to welcome their new beginnings with fragrance and blessings.

Ref Code:IND014


 Elegance & Extravagance… A classy statement of it’s own! Uplift your name, space and personality with creative presence of the remarkable quelling technique on the name plate! A name plate is not just to write names.. it is about telling your story about who you are! The best you can give to your best friend to spill her awesome aura into the new phase of life!

Ref Code:CUR003


You know how crazy your friend got whenever she saw roses and couldnt get enough of until the flower dried in her favorite novel. Make her go gaga over the nostalgic memories of college days and gift her a Real rose but beautifully dipped in 24k gold, which adds true value and emotions to your art of gifting and she wouldn’t have to worry about how to preserve it!

Ref Code:IKS007


A modern pair of silver coasters in the set of two, truly beautifies the surroundings uplifting the aura with elite energy. A statement piece, perfect for gifting your near & dear ones, to welcome new beginnings with style & grace.

Ref Code:IKS020


A set of 3 copper finish votives, with 3 different essential oil blends corresponding to each dosha, these candles are based on the principles of ayurveda and aromatherapy. A perfect gift for those you love and care for!

Ref Code:IND015


Ensure the health and well being of your loved ones! Gift a bundle of joy and aroma therapy with the 7 chakra candle set, infused with different essential oils to rejuvenate every chakra and welcome the new beginnings with freshness and purity! The colorful votive candles are refreshing & quirky and fragrance of every essential oil in each just mesmerizes the mind, body & soul.

Ref Code:IND016


Silver Stainless Steel Double-Filigree Intricate Cut-Out Earrings are just going to be the best to gift her on her new beginning. You know she always wanted something like this.. here it is.. gift her and tell her how deeply her every wish is close to your heart!

Ref Code:SSE5971


 She can chase history for the rest of her life and always be awe struck with her passion for Greek goddesses. Gift her these Gold & Silver Stainless Steel Dual Tone Greek symbol earrings for a perfect touch of history and grace! Say it like you mean it! She is no less than a Greek goddess princess….

Ref Code:SSE8541


A bundle of joy put together in a beautiful bamboo basket makes the perfect gift for festivities and celebrations! This basket contains the goodness of dehydrated mango & kiwi, the freshness of Assam & Darjeeling tea, basil, oregano, tea-light and the pure aroma of incense sticks along with a potpourri of roses. This a just a little more than perfect way to show the burst of feelings and happiness on one’s new beginnings or any pleasant occasion!

Ref Code:MAA001


Gift your perfect emotions with a truly royal gesture! Make your wishes count, in this heartfelt hand carved box with the royal goodness of Nainital candles, diyas & hand made candles, almonds & cashew, the pure scents of rose & sandal attar and an expression of true blessings with Laxmi & Ganesha idols!

Ref Code:MAA004


 An exquisite collection of office utilities, perfect for the organized man at work, who looks far into the future with his feet firmly on the ground! A handmade leather box with Silver wire hand work on black Zinc based metal surface on the utilities! A perfect gift for the true gentleman in your life!

Ref Code:MAA013


Gift a happy and a healthy start to celebrations. A perfect wooden box with dry fruits for the moment and an absolute beauty on the dressing table, for it is beautiful inside out with the gold plated wire figurine on the top, backed with red velvet. Show that you truly care!

Ref Code:OLH004


The German Silver Gold Plated Three Leaf Serving Plate is the perfect choice for adding to the splendor of the most lavish and sophisticated of dinning tables. The gold plated body of the serving tray renders it with a regal feel, while the intricate detailing present on its body adds to its charm. Moreover, the matching gold plated spoon present with the serving tray adds to its utilitarian aspect, while enhancing its aesthetic appeal as well.

Ref Code:BH0431


 The Decorative Marble Plate with Radha Krishna Figure features an intricate painting of the divine couple, Radha and Krishna, at its center to make it highly desirable among their ardent devotees. Moreover, the delicate floral patterns present all along the border part of this decorative marble plate adds to its beauty, and make it the perfect choice for adding to the allure of any wall décor.

Ref Code:BH0364


 A classy dessert set consisting of brass bowls (3), spoons(3) and serving tray(1) all with beautiful metal etching from Moradabad makes your dessert even more sweeter & tastier! Give her a hand in serving the first sweet dish at her new home with utmost grace & elegance.

Ref Code:MAA016


Your friend has always been passionate about collecting unique things and knows how to put them to use perfectly. Gift this set of 6 beautiful coasters, artistically depicting the beauty of Rajasthani women and just perfect for showing that you know what true friendship is all about!

Ref Code:BH0124


You know how romantic and filmy your friend is at heart and how he/she loves to plan surprises for the partner!! Gift this perfect champagne glass set for two and let the love birds embrace the pleasant evening celebrating love and new beginnings in a romantic setting with cuddles, cupid & champagne!!

Ref Code:OLH028


Did you find a perfect gift for your best friend??

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