The first association that guests make with a wedding is through the ‘Save the Date’ Wedding Announcement cards. It is mailed much in advance of formal invitations to the guests, requesting them to ‘Save the Date’ of your special day on their calendars. A wedding for which guests require to make heavy travelling arrangement, for instance, for a destination wedding, ‘Save the Date’ gives guests ample time to add your wedding date to their social events’ calendar and make all necessary arrangements to attend the event. Thus, they are very important and that’s the reason these days more and more couples are making special efforts to create their ‘Save the Dates’.


Essentials about Save the Date

The time of sending out the card is important to allow your guests take care of their travelling and accommodation arrangements smoothly. For a destination wedding, it is a good idea to send out ‘Save the Date’ at least six months in advance, while for any other type of wedding, it should be sent as soon as you set the wedding date and book the venue.
Another important point to consider is the amount of information provided on it. If your wedding is happening in the vacation season, it is significant to provide the date and the location of your wedding, along with all the necessary information regarding travelling and the points of sightseeing, to help your guests reach the venue comfortably. 


For all other type of weddings, it is sufficient to provide information like the date, names of the bride and groom, and the wedding location.
The purpose of sending ‘Save the Date’ cards is to give your guests a heads up that they will soon receive an invitation to attend a special event on this specific date, and they are welcomed. In case you have made a wedding website, you can put it’s address also on this for guests to check updates on it. 


Check out the Variety

These cards are very causal and allow you to design them in your own style. They are a reflection of your wedding style, so they have to be uniquely designed with a personal touch; something that can really make your guests excited about your wedding! There are hundreds of design and style available and many new trends are popping up daily.
For a destination wedding, adding the theme to the card would be a great idea. For Instance, for a Palace wedding, sending your ‘Save the Date’ scroll card in a treasure box or a velvet box would definitely make your guests happy.
Another popular idea is to convert your ‘Save the Date’ card into a refrigerator magnet to encourage your guests to keep the information safely in front of their eyes. It can also serve as a special memory of your special day as well as a nice keepsake for all the invitees.


‘Save the Date’ are designed mostly in bright and bold colors to make an unforgettable impact about your wedding date on the minds of even the most forgetful guests. Using graphics to hint about the locale and date can be a great idea. You can go for a simple postcard or an interactive magnetic puzzle or a holiday card with your engagement picture on it or may be a cookie or short and sweet stickers that can be pasted on any anything.
A very popular one is sending it as pinwheels or a calendar, on which your wedding date is marked creatively. The latest trend is to create a photo strip; you can include as many pictures you want with a piece of information on each of these.
These days, ‘Save the Date’ cards have almost become a necessity to ensure that you enjoys the wedding of your dream with all the important people of your life.