Engagement is the formal announcement of the coming together of two beautiful souls. Unlike other wedding ceremonies filled with rituals and customs, the engagement ceremony is a very simple and sweet one, wherein the to-be-wed couple exchange rings as a promise of a life time of love and trust; and wear these rings their entire lifetime as a reminder of that promise.

Since, you will be wearing the engagement ring for many years to come, it is essential that you choose one that suits your sense of style.

To make this task a little easier for you, we have brought together the latest trends in engagement rings…

Solitaire Diamonds
Solitaire diamond rings, synonym of elegance and class, have been adored by women for decades. Sparkling diamonds go well with any metal of choice, though gold is a clear favorite in India. And of course, ‘the bigger, the better’ trend still continues when it comes to these twinkling friends.
These days, brides prefer to experiment with stunning shapes like pear-, marquise-, cushion- and emerald-cut diamonds. But if classic is your style, opt for an antique-cut ring in platinum.
Rare Colored Diamonds
Sparkling diamonds in distinguished shades of blue, black, grey, olive, green, purple and red are also making news, especially with more and more Hollywood couples sporting them. These rare diamonds are hard to find, thus, come at a price; but if budget is not a constraint surprise your lady love with a diamond in her color.
Platinum Bands
Sophisticated yet classic, platinum is gaining popularity with many men who are now exploring options other than the plain gold bands. Modern brides also prefer the modern yet elegant charm of this rare metal over the traditional yellow gold as it compliments both Indian and western outfits.
Plain bands or studded with diamonds, jewelers offer a gamut of choices in platinum rings these days.
Estate Rings
Unique has replaced ‘big’. Every woman wants to flaunt a unique ring, even if that means a centuries’ old one. Women’s renewed love for tradition has brought estate rings back in fashion. They are now bulkier and sexier – a treasure to pass down to your daughters and daughter-in-laws. Besides being extremely stylish, an estate ring always has a history to tell, which makes it all the more impressive than other available options, and thus, a bit more special for a woman.
A variety of designs and styles in estate rings, from platinum and white gold encrusted with amethysts, pearls and other precious stones to retro modern and art deco styles, are now available in the market.

Though diamonds still remain the clear favorite, many modern brides are seen sporting engagement rings in gorgeous colored gems like sapphires, ruby, chrysoberyl, spinel, tourmaline, morganite, and many such.

Gemstones stand for various emotions, ranging from evergreen love to passion! A careful thorough research to ascertain the ‘significance’ of a particular gemstone will help determine the best one for your story.

An engagement ring may be the only piece of jewelry you would wear everyday, so pick one that reflects your individual style but is also practical for everyday use.
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