Brides and grooms put in months of research, planning and effort to put together a perfect look for the wedding. Everything from hair to clothes and even shoes are discussed to the last detail. After all everyone’s eyes will be on the couple and they have to look their very best!

The wedding albums cover every aspect of the wedding – ceremonies, special moments, décor, food, guests etc. But the outfit that is the result of much effort and money gets overpowered by the surroundings, sadly. Thus, we wonder why not spend some time in capturing the ‘wedding look’ without any other clutter or crowd around?

The trend of capturing the “bride/groom in the making” is catching up big time. Photographers are briefed to spend some time with the bride and groom as they get ready for the biggest event of their life and capture some casual moments with family & friends as well as the ‘wedding dress’ in all its glory.

These photographs might not make it to the wedding album itself, but will definitely find place in a smaller and personal album to be admired for years to come.

Here are some thoughts to get you started…

The wedding outfit – each aspect of it, starting from the delicate embroidery on the blouse to the detailing of the lehenga or sherwani or gown.

The beautiful jewelery – especially the significant pieces like engagement/ wedding rings or the mangalsutra. indian-wedding-bride-reception-jewelry-blue


Accessories – shoes, bag, bangles, etc, everything that makes the bride a bride!brides-something-blue-turquoise-wedding-jewelry-bridal-heels__full

Before, during and after of the make-up & hair-stylingindian-bride-getting-ready

The sister of the bride and her friends as they help the bride get ready.95b01fbfd64ba059cdf341415e7e66c42.-jason-keefer-fine-art-wedding-photographer-medium-format-color-indian-wedding-bride-getting-ready

The first reaction of the parents when they see their lovely daughter decked up as gorgeous bride (well this applies to grooms and their parents too!)

Candid moments of the mother adjusting the groom’s tie or a bride’s jewelery. tumblr

The parents with the bride/groom blessing their child before ceremonies begin.01028-copy

A few quiet moments xarthur-kulkov-lb3.jpg.pagespeed.ic.vFJa5k7wfl

Photographs of the bride sharing a laugh with her bridesmaids/friends; and the groom with his best man and other friends. best-man-duties-responsibilities-tasks-shansphoto.com_ indian_bridesmaids

We could go on and on! But we are sure you got the drift and will be able to identify the important aspects and people that you would want to include in this pre-wedding shoot.

These photographs will allow you and your near & dear ones to cherish and relive the small intimate special times for years to come.

Happy Planning!