Any Hindu marriage is incomplete without a Wedding Mandap as majority of the rituals are performed at the Mandap.  A beautiful Mandap is the main attraction of a wedding where the bride & groom take vows around the sacred fire to get bonded with each other for the lifetime. Vows and wedding rituals under a beautifully stylised Mandap is bound make your promises more special and the wedding look more beautiful!!

With every wedding element speaking of trend, why not get your Mandap a trendy look too! These days, one doesn’t get to see an old styled Mandap that is same or similar across every wedding. Mandaps have got their own swag too.. as every Mandap has it’s own story to tell, dedicated to making weddings look more beautiful & elegant than ever before!

Take a look at these top 5 Mandap styles, which are reigning the wedding season like a boss!

#1   The Dome


Symbolising rich Indian culture and tradition, A dome shaped architecture could be seen at various religious worshipping places, that subconsciously connects your mind, body & soul with purity and peace. The mandap’s exquisite yet stylish pillars mark the visuals of an elite wedding decorated with flowers to enhance the look of the matrimony and the bond of marriage. The form of the dome, is set to be in the direction of the heaven. As, many of the ancients conceived of the sky as a dome over the earth, with the stars and the sun and the moon looking over the souls.


#2   Lets Talk Theme


With weddings being largely influenced by Bollywood, every soul wants it to be lavish as we see on the big screen! Don’t we all want it? Meet your dreams in the finest way with, a traditionally decorated Mandap that has rich colors in all shades of gold and pink, combined with satin curtains & beautiful flowers enhancing the beauty of it. Perfect balance of traditional styling and modern designs keep them perfectly suited for all Indian rituals. The attractive looks and designs of Wedding Mandaps have made them the best choice and the closest to every would-be couples dream!


#3  Flowers To Forever 

3. Simple is the best

Not the fierce & flamboyant type? Don’t stress too much on thinking about the Mandap because simplicity has never failed to look beautiful and unique. Decorate your Mandap according to your venue, use the flower power! Lilies, Orchids, Roses, Jasmine and many more species of love spirited flowers can just do the trick. The beauty of this Mandap is, that being completely decorated with flowers, makes weddings look attractive, fresh and just way too beautiful for the vows you take and the promises you make!

#4  Just Peacock Perfect


Want a peacock perfect wedding? Peacock Mandap designs are doing the rounds and are there just for the perfect reasons! It signifies protection, guidance, spirituality, vision and a walk of faith.. what more do we want to enhance & beautify the true meanings of the wedding vows?? A Mandap that is simple yet packed with the pure essence of purity and wellness of a perfect life is just one step more justified with the Peacock styled mandap!


#5  The Rajwada Style

5. Rajwada mandap

Created to give elegance and poise to all that stands in front of it! Live life king size and tie a knot in true wedding bliss. Carefully carved with lots of flowers, the Rajwada mandap gives a refined royal look to the wedding making it the most auspicious event of the year, engraved beautifully in the hearts of every soul.  When lit up, the palazzo creates a mesmerizing effect as the crystals twinkle in your chosen colors. Rajwada Mandaps are a truly contemporary design mixed with a traditional twist. This mandap will definitely bring sparkle to your wedding day trousseau and ceremonies. Bring your royal dream wedding come to life!!

Weddings are once in a lifetime and they truly deserve to be the best and the biggest! Give true meanings to your wedding vows with these spectacular Mandap styles and make your promises even more priceless!

Inputs & Images: Good Times Concept