The art of photography cannot be mastered by many. It takes dedication, insight, patience and most importantly, love for the art. We have listed below the top 10 wedding photographers in India who got it all:

Shannon Zirkle Photography
Giving colour to her childhood passion of photography, Shannon Zirkle is an accomplished photographer with various achievements to her credit. A trained photojournalist from the Western Kentucky University, Shannon looks for the “unseen and the unheard” around her to capture. Based in Chennai, she travels the world on her voyage to get the best photos.
shannon zirkle

Simplypush Photography- Pushpendra Gautam
Pushpendra realized his talent with the camera when he started experimenting with it. Once he understood his strengths and weaknesses, there was no stopping him. Based in Delhi, Pushpendra covers all genres like destination wedding photography, couple photoshoots, bridal photoshoots, wedding albums and coffee table books.

Simplypush photography

Nimitham Wedding Photography
At Nimitham, wedding is an occasion that lasts a lifetime. Capturing emotions in the purest form, Nimitham specializes in traditional photography, creative contemporary wedding films, luxury photo albums, candid photography and coffee table books. Based out of Chennai and Mumbai, Nimitham captures wedding moments as a collage of emotions.
nimitham wedding photography

Candid Tales Photograhy -Rishabh Sood
Rishabh Sood and his team do not believe in re-takes as there are none in real life. Hence capturing it then and there is vital for a good photographer. They talk to couples beforehand, understand their needs and then do their job. A balance of planning in advance and the call of the gut makes Candid Tales a good team of photographers.
candid tales photography

Wedding Krafter- Anoop Padalkar
Anoop Padalkar and the team at Wedding Krafter aims to capture the essence of the moment. The photos are weaved in the form of telling a story and that’s what makes them specialists in wedding photography. Leaving behind traditional methods of photography, Wedding Krafters focusses on candid photography.
anoop padalkar 2

Rohan Mishra photography
A talented duo of husband and wife, Rohan and Pooja, create magical moments in the love stories of others as they understand the value of love themselves. The vibrant and happy couple induces their energy into the wedding photos that they take.The result is obviously captured in the form of positive and radiating photographs of the couple and others by Rohan Mishra and team.
Rohan Mishra photography

PhotoStrophe- Raghu Lakshminaarayan
Making mundane seem special is the work of a good photographer, this is what PhotoStrophe strongly believes in. They believe in doing their homework thoroughly and finding a perfect chemistry between the camera and the subject. Once they figure it out, it’s time for beautiful, engaging photos.

Retina Charmer Wedding Atelier
Through their frequent travelling, Navin Kumar and Harshvardhan deciphered the art of photography on their cameras. Learning about man and nature, the team was able to look at subjects through various angles during their voyages. Exploring various aspects of photography, the Retina Charmers capture hidden but true moments of a wedding.
Retina Charming

The Moment by Parag Gopale
Specializing in candid photography, Parag Gopale and his team captures real life-like moments and gives wedding the colour it deserves. Tears of joy or well wishers greeting the couple, a wedding is full of colours of emotions. For them, every celebration in life should be flaunted and decorated by the art of photography.
parag gopale

Vinay Venugopal Photography
Based out of Bangalore, Vinay Venugopal identifies faces and emotions and paints a beautiful picture called a photograph. A new face, a new emotion, a new theme and there comes out a beautiful photograph. Wedding photography gives him opportunities to discover and explore various aspects of diverse cultures in India.

vinay venugopal

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(The photographers mentioned above have not been listed in any particular order)