Weddings these days have become more lavish, luxurious, trendy and definitely way too much influenced by bollywood. Delhi is a capital with every bride and groom getting into the grove of having the best photographer around as soon as they save the dates! Weddings don’t happen again! Seize and seal your moments with our top 10 wedding photographers giving your love story a whole new meaning!


# Click Sutra

A young, energetic, passionate soul and the handsome man behind the brand, Ankit Lamba, strives for what lays beyond perfection. His prime focus is not to just click photographs, but make every couple go crazy and enjoy every moment of their special day! At Click Sutra, they instill emotions in your candid picture with a creative flair, making you fall in love with your partner with every click. Ankit truly has a fine eye to look beyond your smiles & gestures, bringing forth the hidden love with his work.

ClickSutra2 ClickSutra


# Lakshya Manwani Photography

The photographer, who’s vision resides in the eye of his lense! Lakshya believes that his camera captures what the human eye leaves behind. His vision portrays sparking conversations and inspiring imaginations, with a vision that cannot be taught but personally experienced. He constantly believes in harnessing creativity and perfecting the craft of capturing the perfect moment.

Lakshya Manwani Photography2 Lakshya Manwani Photography


# Color Blind Productions

The team at colorblind believes that the ignorance of something can make us realize it’s importance, because as they say, “life is more expressive in monotone”. They are a bunch of creative people who love experimenting and are directing creativity towards filming- still & moving. Their magic puts life in to every photograph that is captured, helping you keep your memories as fresh as the morning breeze even after years in the journey of wedlock !

colorblind production2 colorblind production


# Dot Dusk

Just as the nature looks at its best at dusk, your wedding photographs too deserve to be captured in the best of frames with an ever lasting charm. The two talented men behind the brand, Lakhbir & Sundeep, believe that, awesome wedding cinematography for them is when the unobtrusiveness of journalism combines with the challenge of creating art.

dotdusk studios2 dotdusk studios



# Wedding twinkles

Wedding photography is an art, a timeless memory to be cherished forever! Wedding Twinkles, an initiative by the stunning, Reema Bhat, believes that the way they capture pictures , they never miss a detail. They make sure that each wedding is different & exclusive, giving you a fresh masterpiece crafted just for you. With their every shot, a new story takes place and a work of art you would want to hold on to!

Wedding Twinkles2 wedding twinkles


# Candid Tales

Life is a motion picture, beautifully crafted to bring out the best in us! In this journey of Candid Tales, the men directing the are just awesome. They truly help you freeze the moment of new beginnings- your wedding! One of the creative minds, Rishab Sood, believes in pure perfection and so gives you memories to treasure for a moment called forever, because, as he perfectly states, you cant have retakes  when it comes to once in a lifetime celebration. They capture the love, emotion and passion of your most awaited day and craft it into a beautiful story be being quiet & invisible as photographers.

Rishabh Sood Pictures Rishabh Sood Pictures2


#Portfolio Studio

One of the oldest photography studio, which started in the late 70’s, has always been the talk of the town. The changing wedding and photography trends haven’t been able to move them even by an inch! They not only capture images but confine the beautiful moments of the fascinating & flamboyant Indian wedding in a candid way. Travelling through the years since the inception of the brand, they have covered 8500 weddings worldwide and are increasing their fan base day after day.

Portfolio Studio Portfolio Studio2


# Avantika Meattle

This beautiful photographer behind the camera, captures those lovely moments that stay with you forever. Avantika believes that photography is a play of light & shadows combine to bring out the best in you! She carries a pleasant and a soothing aura, helping you to look naturally beautiful. It doesn’t matter who all are around, all you need is to feel good to look good and bring out the inner beauty. It is the comfort and joy that reflects in her work and you wouldn’t want to miss moments which are never going to turn back!

Avantika Meattle Photography2 Avantika Meattle Photography


# Dream Framers

The changing trends are always fascinating and we are bound to fall for every twinkling trend. But trends and traditions mixed with perfection can give you a masterpiece. Dream framers is a youthful, energetic & enthusiastic , yet experienced & professional team of photographers who are not only in sync with the trend but abide by a promise to give you out of the box results.

Dream Framers Dream Framers2


# Da’momento Studio

Truly dedicated  to capture moments of love, rhythm, joy, emotions and more. At Da’ Momento, it is believed that your wedding isn’t just a moment, it is rather a shining cluster of infinite emotions which come together only once, at your wedding! Capture your heartfelt moments in the perfect frames and treasure every emotion to cherish for generations to come ahead!

Da' Momento Studio Da' Momento Studio2


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