Make up is an integral part for every occasion, especially the wedding. Weddings bring in long tiring hours of ceremonies and functions where you have to look the best every second. A makeup artist is the whole and sole person who can save you from looking dull. But, choosing the right makeup artist is definitely a task you wouldn’t want to take lightly. Read on for the top 10 makeup artists in Delhi, who have excelled in the spheres of beauty and make up and are few of the renowned names in Delhi and around!


#Vidya Tikari

One of the finest makeup artists in town today, who, along with her team has been servicing thousands of clients every year across the globe. Vidya has shaped stunning and exquisite looks for bollywood celebrities like Madhuri Dixit, Deepika Padukone and many more in the list. Quite a few makeup artists that we know of today, have been trained and guided by her. She believes, anyone can add colour to a face, but knowing ‘how to’ and ‘when to’ takes a skillful and professional eye to look. And every bride deserves to look her best on her D-Day!

vidya tikari2    vidya tikari


#Supriti Batra

A makeup artist, a creative person, a magician, Supriti gives life to your dreams. To make someone look beautiful is an art and she believes ‘’looking good starts with feeling good’’. Besides being a specialist for bridal makeup, she has worked for many celebrities, known personalities and has taken on various work with fashion weeks, designers and shows. Her creative spirit is what encourages her talent of playing with colours and forms, churning out beautiful brides every wedding season. She believes makeup is to enhance the natural beauty by high lighting it a little with the use of best suited products.

supriti batra2 supriti batra


# Meenakshi Dutt

A talented artist and a model in the past, Meenakshi, truly understands beauty and what it takes to make someone look great. She is best known for her streamlined and focused approach towards beauty and style. She is a true professional, keeping her focus on the complete picture of every bride, keeping in mind her hairstyle to accessories. Meenakshi Dutt has been in the industry for almost a decade now, and has become one of the most sought after makeup artist in the world of fashion and television.

meenakshi dutt2 meenakshi dutt


# Ambika Pillai

A strong brand, where the spirit of excellence is maintained by a strong and unbreakable management team, which also makes them well known name in the world of hair & beauty. Their determination is head strong and have won many accolades for their fine makeup skills in the celebrity circuit. Ambika Pillai, with a natural progression has also come up with products which compliment and go well with Indian skin tones! Working on getting the perfect texture, colours and feel of the products, complimenting the Indian skin has been a labor of love for her.

ambika pillai ambika pillai 2


# Aashmeen Munjal

A seasoned connoisseur of thematic make up and her ingenious make over skills make thematic makeup one of her forte. Over her comprehensive career of 13 years, her phenomenal creativity stretched to long miles and has carved  a secure place as a renowned makeup artist. She has definitely made it big  in creating beautiful brides with the best wedding looks in the season.

aashmeen munjal2 aashmeen munjal


# Avantika Kapur

One of the most sought after makeup artist in Delhi, Avantika Kapur, specializes in creating beautiful Indian brides look their best. Her forte is Indian bridal makeup, as she believes, a woman looks the prettiest with her joy of starting a new journey. She believes in corrective makeup techniques which bring out the best features of every bride. Her brides are contemporary beautiful versions of themselves with a flawless glow reflecting pure inner beauty on their wedding day!

avantika kapur avantika kapur2



#Bharti Taneja- ALPS beauty clinics

Bharti Taneja and ALPS are names synonymous with beauty and glamour. It was Ms. Bharti who first introduced the concept of beauty clinics and a virtual revolution in the beauty industry. With its diligent commitment to the women, ALPS has pioneered several innovations and is credited for bringing in the latest technology in makeup & beauty care in India.

bharti taneja bharti taneja2


# Aakriti Kochar

A true makeup artist by heart, Aakriti kochar, understands makeup as an art of enhancing one’s features rather than just choice of colors. Her style in makeup & hairstyling is very contemporary and she believes, makeup is best when it is not over done. Bridal makeup is her forte and she follows a subtle yet modern style. With her team of experts, she offers ‘at your location’ service for weddings in Delhi, all over India and destination weddings in India and abroad.

aakriti kochar aakriti kochar2


# Kitty Dhupar

A passionate professional and artistically creative makeup artist, Kitty Dhupar, has an over 23 years of experience in the field of beauty and makeup. Her exceptional & sophisticated technique is second to none in the industry. Kitty is an imaginator who understands her client’s requirements and then accordingly transforms the look into flawless beauty.

kitty dhupar2 kitty dhupar


# Kriti DS

A trained makeup artist under the supervision of Meenakshi Dutt, Kriti has now made her name into the list of renowned makeup artists in Delhi. She well known for her heavy and traditional bridal makeup looks. Her bridal makeup styles are vibrant with many beautiful shades & glitter. Kriti’s signature bridal make up style is a heavy eye makeup and prominent false lashes.



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