A proposal is the beginning of a beautiful journey that you are going to make with your life-partner and thus, becomes significant for both of you. Adding a bit of creativity to it can go a long way in making this small but important event, a story to be cherished and shared for life.

The ring in champagne glass proposal idea has been used by many, thanks to the heavy influence of Hollywood films in our lives. It’s about time men think beyond the cliché and put in more thought and effort into creating a perfect memory.
We have put together a few creative and beautiful proposal ideas to ‘inspire’ you to come up with a unique proposal of your own…

In the News

Imagine going through the morning news over a cup of coffee, only to discover a ‘news’ just for you!

Just ensure you are around when she reads this special piece of news. After all you want to be there when she says “YES!” We bet she will smile every time she reads a paper hereafter

Message in a Bottle

Think out of the box and in a bottle! A clever way yet cost effective way to pop the question.


Make it LARGE

If flamboyance is your style, then do it with style. They say actions speak louder than words… we say combine action and words to say it louder than anyone else.


With a little help

Need a little moral support, enlist the help of close friends and/or family members to ask that important question. Dress them up in matching tees that spell it out or hold cards to form the words.


Book lover’s special

If books are her thing, buy a copy of her favourite novel and hide the ring in it.
We are sure she will find another reason to love that book some more!


For the die hard romantics

A picnic in the woods or a room done up with flowers, create the perfect ambience before you pop that question.


Make her work for it

Send her on a treasure hunt or make her follow a trail of candles that leads her to a spot where the proposal is waiting.


Some key advice to create the perfect proposal…

– Surprise element is a must!
– Take her best friend into confidence and run the idea by her to be sure.
– Include something that is special to the both of you to the proposal – where you first met, your favorite vacation spot/ restaurant/ bookstore, a hobby that you share – anything that holds a special place in your heart and hers.

– Practice and then practice again to ensure everything goes as per your plan.
– If proposing in a public place like a mall or restaurant, check and get all required permissions to avoid running into any problem later.
– Don’t forget to get a friend along to capture these special moments in photographs, discreetly of course.
A little effort in planning a special proposal tells your partner how much you love and care for her. It also gives you both a story to share with loved ones and friends for years to come. Which means that even if yours is an arranged marriage, surprising her with a ‘personal’ proposal would be a good idea.
And ladies don’t shy away from taking the lead and surprising your boyfriend with a proposal, after all trends are changing and women are playing an equal role in all other arenas.
Happy Planning!