Bangalore has been my home for the last 7 years. I grew up with the city’s pollution and traffic. I crib about the hard water that comes through the pipe and accuse it of increasing my hair fall. I hope the hair fall treatments in spas across the city would cure my worries, but in vain. Except for selling me their latest endorsement, which is never less than 1000 bucks per 50 ml, I dont think the health of my hair was ever really a concern to them. I wish I had paid more attention in the Chemistry/Physics classes at school when conversion of hard water to soft water was being taught. I think of it every time i take a head bath, which has been reduced to twice a week to save my priceless strands of black hair. I am emphasizing on the black hair because most of the black ones have lost and moved to the grey team. The latter is shrewd in various ways, however I try to conceal them, they somehow manage to spring right back to the surface, causing me unconcealable embarrassment.


I ride/drive through the excruciating traffic everyday to realise that I am inhaling toxins and so is my skin. When the lorry infront of me farts fumes, I wish the odd-even rule had come to Bangalore. But a day without my car is painful even to think of. A face wash and a scrub is inevitable with this level of pollution. A day without the cleansing routine gives me black heads and makes my skin age fast. So when I meet Mr. Perfect, he will see more of my blackheads than me. I wonder how my skin will be by the time I get married. My mom still has beautiful skin, thanks to the pure air and climate of the Indian villages.


Apart from losing the skin I was born in and the strong hair that my mom had pampered when I was a girl, the stress levels of work in the city has also taken a toll on my physical and mental health. I am slowly working my way towards achieving my career goals. Extra hours at work and hours infront of the computer has made me look 5 years older than my actual age. All of a sudden, the anti-ageing cream ads makes more sense. I used to think that the “before and after” shots of the cream ad was hyper dramatic. But now it seems about right. That’s me before and after the pollution started killing my skin. By the way, I was a pink baby and was even asked to be part of the “Farex” commercial!


The plight of the contemporary Indian bride-to-be continues. I put more effort than ever to prepare myself for my big day. Sometimes I am tired of the chemicals in cosmetics that are suggested for me to combat the chemicals in the atmosphere that damage my confidence and well being. I am afraid I painted the picture you have always dreaded, but the truth will prevail.


Whatever said and done, I want to look gorgeous for my wedding. I want to be the perfect bride I have always dreamt of since I was a little girl. I will fight all odds to look my best on that day. It is going to be difficult, I know, but I cannot let anything to ruin my big day, even if hell breaks lose!


I want me to part of everything related to my wedding. But I could use some external help. Google gave me a wide array of wedding services companies that will help me get everything prim and proper. Companies like 7Vachan helps in getting good photographers at their best prices, wedding venues, mehendi and makeup artists which takes the burden a little off our heads.