With varying cultures come varying wedding traditions. Steeped in tradition or embracing modernity, these ceremonies often reflect cultural influences on generations of participants.

Here are a few we thought were interesting.

Jumping The Broom

A number of cultures, from Celts to Roma (or Gypsies) have incorporated some sort of leap over a broom into their wedding traditions. Today, broom-jumping is most often found in African-American weddings, the tradition rooted in the days of slavery when marriage between enslaved men and women wasn’t legally sanctioned.

Shanequa Gay Art weddings

Shanequa Gay Art weddings

Strung Along

In Peru, single female guests take part in a tradition a little sweeter than a bouquet toss. Charms attached to ribbons are tucked between the layers of the wedding cake. Before the cake is cut, each woman grabs a ribbon and pulls. At the end of one ribbon is a fake wedding ring. The guest who picks that ribbon is said to be next in line for marriage.


Stolen Bride

Much like the Indian tradition of stealing the grooms footwear in Germany it gets a little more serious. The groomsmen steal the bride and whisk her off to a bar. When the groom eventually finds them he is eventually made to pay for their bill, which is by no stretch of imagination a small amount.

Untitled Shattered

If your wedding cutlery is important to you, be glad you’re not Greek. In a traditional Greek wedding smashing of the wedding cutlery is perceived as a the harbinger of good luck. Watch those feet, you’ll be walking on glass all night.

Untitled Bargaining Power

Much like the Germans and us Indians, the Russians too have their fair share of bargaining to do. Before the wedding, the groom shows up at the bride’s home and asks for his beloved. In jest, her friends and family refuse him until he pays up in gifts, money, jewelry or simple humiliation. Grooms are forced to do silly dances, answer riddles, and perform goofy tests of worthiness like diapering a baby doll. Once the groom impresses friends and family with this bridal ransom, or “vykup nevesty,” he’s allowed to meet his bride-to-be.


All said and done the wedding traditions make for a great celebration.

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