They say marriages are made in heaven. However, we believe that they are solemnized on earth. Well, what’s better than celebrating this astounding union in a grand fashion! Marriages these days are all about grandeur, elegance and panache. Destination weddings, premium weddings, weddings with unique customizable experiences are on every couple’s wish list.

While such weddings are in vogue these days, we will all agree that the nitty-gritties of planning such premier weddings definitely overwhelm the to-be-weds and their families. At such times, a wedding planning company becomes indispensable. Yes, wedding planners are always on their toes managing every important aspect of your wedding- they scout for wedding vendors and manage them, give you end-to-end vendor assistance, manage your finances and save on your precious pre-wedding time! While destination wedding planners in India are in abundance, they generally charge a 10-15% management fee for your selected package.

On the other hand, 7Vachan does all this wedding planning for a one-time registration fee of INR 11,000 and 5% service charge. Couples get to reap the benefits of their wedding coordinator (aka the “Wedordnator”) who helps them in every way: She helps them finalize their perfect wedding venues, saves an average of 35% on the cost and then connects them to a list of wedding planners, if necessary. Moreover, she also expedites the wedding planning process through her flair and expertise of planning 1000 weddings in a year. Lastly, she vouches to stick to the wedding planning budget you design and provide her with.

Yes, with 7Vachan at your service, you no longer have to worry about accounting for a hefty wedding planner fee in your budget. The 7Vachan Wedordinator can help you with the same and more for a much lesser cost.