The bride spends many months to get that perfect look for her wedding day, so it is only fair that the groom also makes some effort to compliment her on that special day. In the past, all eyes used to be on the bride but in modern times the groom has to pay as much, if not more attention, to his look for the D-day.

Modern Grooms do focus on the outfit, but at times miss out on the accessories. And we all know. That right accessories are important to complete the look. So, even if accessories are not your thing, being a groom it becomes necessary that you don some of them, if not all.

There is a long list to choose from, depending on your choice of outfit. We have picked the crucial few, which are non-negotiable!



If you choose to go for the traditional look, a Pagri or turban, one of the most important accessories for the Indian groom, is a must. You can choose from a wide variety of beautiful fabric and patterns like leheriyas, self woven brocades or tie dyes, embellished with pearls, stones and zardori work.




For the royal look, enhance the beauty of a turban with a Kalangi or Kalgi. Delicately perched in front of the pagri, a feather kalangi with some zari work or an intricate one studded with colored gem/s, can take the royal look to a whole new level.




Popular in most cultures, the sehra of flowers, a veil tied to the groom’s pagri that covers his face and protects him from the evil eye, now come in a variety of materials such as strings of zari, pearls, stones and other embellishments. Choose one that compliments your outfit.



Neck piece and Studs

Nothing compliments the royal look like a string of pearls or a thick gold chain with a traditional pendant. Many Bollywood stars have supported this look at their weddings. Pair this with a pair of elegant gold or sparkling diamond studs for a ‘princely’ look.



A beautiful jeweled brooch works wonder in transforming your simple sherwani to a royal outfit and gives you an extremely classy look. They also look good on bandhgala jackets and jodhpuris. Commonly made in platinum (for a contemporary look) and gold (for a traditional look), a variety of these brooches can be found in the market that complement traditional as well as western outfits. Try pinning these brooches with gold or platinum jeweled strings to a button of the outfit for a rich look.


Designer Ties or Bows

If western formals are your choice of attire, dress them up with designer Ties or Bows. You can choose from a colour that matches your suit or opt for a bright colour that complements your suit and also adds a dash of glamour. Bows also make quite a style statement, if you dare to wear one.

Jeweled tie pins to hold the tie in place, also add to the overall look.



If you are wearing a shirt, ensure that it is accessorized with a pair of bejeweled cuff links. Buttons are a strict no! This classy accessory comes in various shapes and designs.
Choose one that complements your outfit as well as your sense of style.




The favourite accessory of most men, watch is an essential accessory. Weddings are a good excuse to invest in an expensive branded watch, so make use of it and invest in an all-time classic or that designer watch you have been eyeing.

The watch you choose should complement your attire, so stay clear of funky new age designs or even casual ones on this special day.



“Shoes maketh the man”, this saying is especially true on your wedding day. No outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes. Choose a pair that complements your outfit – Rajasthani or Pubjabi jutties are the best choice for sherwanis and achkans, while a formal suit needs a pair of beautiful shiny leather shoes.


It’s your special day, so make sure you look like a million bucks! The

right outfit complemented with appropriate accessories will not just enhance your overall appearance but also gives you an air of sophistication and charisma.


Happy shopping!


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