We thought to give our readers a sneak peek into the process of lehenga selection that’s one of the most important decisions a to-be bride has to make. Nothing, absolutely nothing can go wrong on the D-day and certainly not the way she’s gonna look.
Let’s have a look at the most common questions that cross a bride’s mind and see what experts and 7vachan have to say to it.


Q1. How to select the color of the lehenga?
Experts Say – Selecting a perfect bridal lehenga is a Herculean Task, more than the color of the season; it depends on the style and color that suits you.


If the wedding is set in winter months go in for a warm shade that will flatter the mood. Choose from burgundy, rust or may be onion pink for your attire. Alternatively if it’s set in summer consider wearing blue-to-greens shades, as they will enhance the feel of the season.


If you have a good height try going for attire with contrast colors but it’s a strict No-No for people with shorter heights because the shades will probably mix up and won’t come out that well.


7vachan’s say – It’s your D-day, if you are confident of the color you want to wear, close your eyes and go ahead. Let the trend and rules have a sit back.


Q2. How do I chose that what style suits my body type?
Experts Say –

First, identify your body type from the above chart.

1)Pear shaped body – Heavy bottom but less on upper body with a well-defined waist line

Take advantage of the waist line and wear low waist lehenga without giving it much volume. You can give detailing and volume in your blouse though.


2)Apple Shaped body – Full on top with a less defined bottom

Entertain deep/low neckline long choli’s with a V/U cut. Avoid still fabrics like silk and brocade. Instead go for light fabrics like chiffon, georgette, crepe.


3)Hour glass shaped body – Almost perfect body type with full top and bottom and a well-defined waist line.

Almost everything that you chose to wear will look excellent on your body type. Show a little skin and go for halter, backless choli’s for lehenga’s both fish tail and volumised lehenga’s will look great.


4)Petite – The body types need no description.

Experiment with any kind of lehenga by adding volume, wearing an A-line or just a perfect slim fit but avoid large prints. As for the cholis wear long sleeves, short or halters and tubes they’ll all look great.


5)Slim athletic – Your body is ‘straight’ and normally tend to be the taller ladies.

Choose Fabrics with layers, gathers and pleats. Anarkalis look fabulous. You can choose straight skirt lehengas, but mermaid cuts are best suited for your body.


7vchan’s say – We pretty much agree with the experts on this. There is a reason they are called experts 😉

Q3.) Where should I buy the lehenga from?

Experts say – Once you have figured out what you want to wear on your D-day and you have the picture clear in your mind it’s not as difficult a task to find it. Depending on the budget there are a range of stores where you can find the right thing. From designer stores, to suppliers to me too stores, you just have to keep your eyes and ears open

7vachan’s say – We are your best bet in this case. We maintain a database that gives you the options depending on your budget. Well, it is as good as it sounds.