A love-filled sunset to the scent of an early dawn, amidst the beautiful Sahyadri mountain range on the western ghats, contoured along the backwaters of the Warasgaon Dam, rests a mesmerizing  hill city- Lavasa. With an aura of an overseas experience, this city is innovatively and stylistically based on an Italian town replicating its architectural design and color scheme, attracting a large number of tourists from across the country, all through the year!

This paradise shouldn’t be given a miss! No matter where you reside, reaching Lasava is just a few hours, pleasant drive from Mumbai. We all love long drives, don’t we? Well if not drive, you may fly too! The nearest airport is Pune welcoming flights from across the country.

Lavasa has now become a weekend getaway for friends, family, couples or even workaholics taking a timeout to seek peaceful moments.  Lavasa is a modernized city with best of facilities!  To name a few, Lavasa-Mercure, Fortune Select Dasve and The Waterfront Shaw are some of the best hotels known with luxurious 24X7 hospitality services! With all the leisure, one can also get a vibrant palette of multiple cuisine restaurants in the city for giving an equally fantastic experience to your taste buds!

This city rightly decodes everyone’s meaning of having fun, relaxing and getting some action.  For a book lover, the scent of freshness in the atmosphere brings your stories come to life, the moist fragrance of the lake, just gives a new meaning to your long walks, indoor recreational centers give you the boost and the games arcade just rests and lets you fight out the demon of your busy schedules and experience the winning spirit. You can get the adrenaline rush with water sports or burn some calories trekking in the mountains!

Lavasa gives you pleasant summer days for a good outdoor lunch and relatively cool nights under the clear sky for your endless chats. Get close to the nature with the monsoon season, a purely romantic and a refreshing sight. The rains may be a little heavy but the blossomed flowers just get brighter and the hills get greener. I know it looks straight out a movie scene but the reality is much more beautiful.

And who doesn’t love soft winters? Well Lavasa is a place you wouldn’t want to miss if you crave for energetic daylights with just light woolens and a chilly night experience.

Lastly, Lavasa also gives you an extraordinary hospitality in your celebrations and ceremonies. Yes, I am talking about big fat Indian weddings! The beautiful scenic landscapes, perfect weather, luxurious hospitality, a mesmerizing aura with your friends & family make Lavasa a perfect wedding destination!

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