As with all things related to weddings, the trends in wedding cards also change every season. All to-be-wed couples have a plethora of new trendy designs to choose from or they could also opt for a classic design if it suits their style.


We have put together an exhaustive list of the current trends in wedding card designs to help a to-be-wed couple decide on their preferred choice before they start the hunt for the final design.


Elaborate Designs & Intricate Die Cuts

The traditional rectangle or square card option is an ever green one. It can be kept simple with gold silver lettering or glamed up with intricate cut outs or origami. The current trend of personalization makes most couples lean towards the latter. With card designers offering a large range of options – intricate paper-folds designs, customized cut outs reflecting wedding themes, etc – the to-be-wed couples will be spoilt with choice.


Gift Box or Basket

The plain old paper envelope is slowly giving way to the ‘Box’ or ‘Basket’ full of goodies trend. Many to be wed couples today like to go for elaborate invites, which not only share wedding information with guests but also carry a small gift as a token of goodwill. This trend is inspired by the ‘mithai’ many families used to send to their guests as shagun (an Indian custom of celebrating every good news by sharing sweetmeats).


The Box or Basket could contain a bottle of wine or scented candles or hand-made chocolates or exotic dry fruits and many more such options.


Embellished Cards

Use of different sorts of embellishments such as stones, crystals, pearl toned beads, etc. is an emerging trend in wedding invites. These embellishments help enhance the look of wedding invites and give them a classy yet rich look. The to-be-wed couple can chose from classic options like pearls and clear crystals or opt for bright coloured gems to add a dash of glamour to the invite.


Scroll Invites

There are many options within the scroll design space, from embellished boxes lined with velvet or satin to wooden boxed with intricate carving or even metallic cylinders with beautiful designs to hold the scroll, the couple can choose one that suits their wedding theme and budget.
Inspired by the courts of Indian kings, the scroll design has been a favourite for traditional ‘royal’ weddings for many years. This design has been around for years, but is gaining popularity with the increase in destination weddings in Rajasthan.


Handmade Customised Invites

Personalization is a key aspect of modern weddings. The desire for a customized design by most to-be-wed couples has given rise to the latest trend of exclusive handmade invites. The new crop of designers can create a unique design for your wedding, designed as per your brief and hand crafted to get that perfect finish.
The choice handmade or eco friendly/ recycled material is also available, if you wish to make a statement. The options here are endless!
If you choose to opt for this trend, be prepared to shell out a little extra. But the final result will be worth every penny if you find the right designer.


Use of Fabrics

Paper, in its various avatars, has been the preferred choice for most invites. But replacing paper with fabrics is an emerging trend. India offers a wide variety of fabric options – silk, satin, velvet (for a rich, grand look), eco friendly cotton in a variety of hand block prints (for the environment friendly feel), and traditional hand woven fabrics. The to-be-wed couple can choose an option that suits their style as well their pockets. The couple can opt to add some fabric element or create an invite completely with fabric/s.


Use of Natural Material

An upcoming trend is to use real wood in the wedding invitation. Carving or printing the entire invite on a wooden plate or using it in some form in the wedding invite is slowly gaining popularity. Though the usage of wood can be little expensive it surely gives an elegant and unique look to the wedding invite.



With each passing season we see more trends emerging. The new age card designers are equipped to create a lot more than just the traditional designs. Hope this post helped you start the journey of creating that perfect invite for your wedding.


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