Weddings are awesome, exciting, romantic, fun and to make it grand & luxurious, it is expensive too! As they say, the best things in life are either for free or come with a grand price tag.. But how about slashing the figures, saving your pockets and still getting to live every bit of your dream wedding? Did you just raise your eyebrows and make your eyes pop out a little to again read that sentence? Well, this is true! Believe it or not, you can experience lavish and luxurious weddings just the way you may have dreamed off.. But of course with few alterations here & there! Kill the eagerness and read on to make ways to your dream wedding with great savings and harmless mind games..



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Venues and Functions– From roka till wedding, people go searching for venues to start their functions. How about doing all the functions in one day? Any which ways,  wedding is a hectic affair, why not just do it all in a single day. Like once the roka is done, families can book the wedding venue and have the ring ceremony and haldi in the morning, followed by wedding in the evening. This would bring down your budget immensely and also bring all the friends & family together at once, instead giving them a chance to come up with excuses for not being able to  reach a few days earlier. Booking a venue is no less than 7-10 lakhs, so multiply this with each function. If allowed by the family, one can get married at the religious place and share the cost for the reception later on. Why be so formal? After all, two families are going to become one big family!


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Know where to put your money – As rightly said, guests remember a wedding by the food and it’s long lasting taste. Save costing on Décor! Expensive floral décor could be replaced with eco friendly products, like using broken bangles in décor and inexpensive cloth material could be used, which looks expensive though. Invest on food!! But , if you are expecting 500 guests then keep your plates per person a little below the actual number.

As most of the times people prefer wedding snacks and deserts more than the main course. Don’t we all agree?


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Negotiate as much as you can – Wedding fraternity is also searching for clients to survive so make the best out of it. Take your time do not rush and never go blind trusting them. Do your homework, meet people, discuss, compare and then take the call. Never forget to check their work done for previous weddings, rather you may also ask for client’s testimonials too for authenticity.





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Recall and call your old friends– We tend to forget the nearby options while arranging things for the wedding. Recall your old friends who could of help may be in catering / photography / designing etc. So recall them and invite them that could also give your great discounts. And supporting a friend is more satisfying than burning a hole in your pocket! Isn’t it?




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Limit the alcohol– Yes this is one of the most important factors we tend to ignore!! Do not over feed the guests out of excitement.  Stick to your budget. Cocktails are a great idea, enabling you to offer something fun within a set price bracket. As a rule, long is good, strong is not! And wedding is supposed to be about your & your happiness.. You don’t want to take a chance in a guest getting more eye on them for the wrong reasons?? Do you? Think About it!



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Be a smart buyer – A wedding attire is to be worn just once! And no matter how many DIY tricks you follow to re-use those, it all goes waste.  A good wedding trousseau, be it for a bride or groom, does not cost you less than 50k. So opt for renting one.  Never over buy stuff out of happiness. Your measurement keeps varying so just shop for things which are actually needed. You know what you would really require.  Wait for sales and exclusive offers, if you really want to make your attire a remembrance of your wedding!!



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Invitation-  World is technologically upgraded. So instead of wasting money over paper invites, make best use of emails and messages. Follow ups can give a personal touch! Remind them but avoid making those one time readable expensive wedding cards. And if you do want to go all the way printing a card, make sure instead of a big box of chocolates, you could actually send in your invite in a sturdy box, which can be used by your near and dear one’s and stay as a memory for the rest of their lives!



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Go for off season – October  to December and May to June are the real wedding seasons, where finding places and service providers is a tussle! Break the line and off the way .. opt for a time which falls in off season. All your friends and relatives will be attending your wedding, without having to leave anyone else’s and it will give you a huge cost cutting as the bookings are easily available in lesser amount.




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D.I.Y. – Many expenses involving small and handy décor could be done by you and your relatives. Like, decorating the thali for ring ceremony or the entrance area for the groom. Rangoli could be made of the flowers that are used in the wedding. Lots of things you can find in your wedding that could have multiple uses. Colorful dupattas on a wall could be draped around the ceiling making it fall on the floor  at mehendi function.  Flowers used at Sagan could be used to design floral jewelry for other day.  There are so many things that we come across at other’s weddings that could have actually been done by oneself. It is saves cost and more over, it is more emotional and personalized!



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Food Food Food – Stick to one menu. This shall cut the cost intelligently. One does not need to raise the quantity of the cuisines. Instead focus on the quality. Starters are a great option to explore at weddings. Guests usually end up filling their tummies by starters, so focus on the pass arounds and keep the dinner/lunch menu not so lavish. Wasting food makes our heart ache! Spend money wisely, save smartly and think rationally!



So!! Ladies any gentlemen.. Is it really that tough to plan your dream wedding around your budget?? All it takes is a a couple of wise efforts.. But in the end, it’s definitely worthwhile!!


Inputs: Mr. Ashu Gupta, GTC Events