There isn’t one single girl in this world who hasn’t, at some point of time in her life, dreamt of her wedding and planned it in her mind to every minute detail. Well, what she hasn’t dreamt about is the madness that goes into actually getting everything together for the perfect big day!

The much-coveted wedding planning phase, as much as fun it sounds in the beginning, would soon make every bride-to-be pull her hair out. Amidst all this crankiness, her bridesmaids are her only guardian angels and her bachelorette is the only guaranteed remedy!

The bachelorette party is the bride-to-be’s last fling before the ring. She craves for a bachelorette that not only reflects her interests but also lets her do what she really loves doing with her girls for ‘one last time’ as her single-self. So, for all you excited brides-to-be and their even more excited bridesmaids, here is a list of 10 things that you can do on a bachelorette, as per the bride’s choices.

1.    For The “Party Hard” Bride

Book a table in one of the classiest clubs in town or elsewhere, go drink some champagne and get your girls dancing on the table on your all-time-favorite tracks. That’s a quintessential yet the most entertaining thing to do on your bachelorette. Just a tip for the bridesmaids – carry enough lemons and hangover pills! After all, you don’t want to let your bride down.


2.    For The “Adrenaline Junkie” Bride

Ever dreamt of skydiving in Australia, white water rafting in Alaska or scuba diving in Spain? If yes, then take your bachelorette as an opportunity to strike this wish off your bucket list.

Adventure Sports

3.    For The “Retreat Lover” Bride

The best gift that you can give to a bride-to-be, is some time to relax when she really has no time to relax. What’s even better? She gets to spend that time with her girlfriends. Enjoy a relaxing weekend at the spa and let her shed-off all her pre-wedding fatigue. Go indulge in various rejuvenating massages at exotic spa locations like Maldives or Mexico.


4.    For The “Marine Maniac” Bride

Sailing amidst the sea, basking in the sun and savoring some cocktails- ALL of this with her girls! What more would a seafaring bride ask for? Book an extravagant yacht in Goa, Dubai or elsewhere or go cruising in Singapore or in the Bahamas. Whatever choice you pick, make sure that the bride has the most lavish maritime experience of her Life.


5.    For The “I Heart Beaches” Bride

Palm tress and ocean breeze, salty air and sun kissed hair- what else would a beachgoer bride find solace in? Party on the beach or relax on a hammock while sipping some beer and having endless conversations with your girls. Places like Goa, Miami, and Gold Coast have umpteen white-sand beaches for a beach-ful bachelorette.


6.    For The “Lady With The Luck” Bride

Your bride-to-be is a fad of poker and black jack. What’s better than hosting a bachelorette at a city which is synonymous to casinos – Las Vegas! Deluxe accommodations, sumptuous spas and extravagant casinos – Las Vegas will spoil the bride for choice. For a budget casino bachelorette, Goa is also a good option. Spin the roulette and celebrate her singlehood in style!

Ruletka - Kasyno - Hazard

7.    For the “Desert Rose” Bride

If going on a desert safari just like Carrie and her girls did in “Sex and the City 2” was on your wish list, then this is the perfect time to knock that off your list. Having a delectable meal amidst the vast desert in Abu Dhabi and saying a goodbye to your singlehood with your girls – Can something be more awe-inspiring than this?

Desert safari

8.    For The “Stay at Home” Bride

Get into your PJs, collect some of your favorite movies, junk food (yes, bust out the Cheetos, Lays and Pringles) and your old-school board games! Rewind all your old memories with your girls. Celebrate your bachelorette at home, and if you want to add some adult-only fun in the night, then try drinking games or bachelorette games. Never will you ever get this time back!


9.    For The “Travel Buff” Bride

The place does not matter to her. All she wants to do is travel and explore each and every part of the world. Well, planning a bachelorette for such brides is fairly simple. Pack her bags for her and surprise her with a road trip or simply take her to a place she has never been to. After all, just the word ‘travel’ is enough to intrigue her!

road trip


10.    For The “I Want It My Way” Bride

For all the enthusiastic brides-to-be, who want to ‘live their single life one last time’ to the fullest just like our beloved Simran of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayege, this option is the best fit. Take her to a completely different city of her choice and let her do everything that she wants to do. They plan their own bachelorette most of the times. All that she asks for, is to be there for her!




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