Small weddings, intimate ceremonies and then some.  Who needs an over the top elaborate ceremony when a smaller more intimate one is easier on the pocket.

With smaller ceremonies, the greater room for creativity; we tend to believe.

Here are a few quirky and oh-so-fun ideas that we think would be great to incorporate into your small and intimate celebration.

Date Jar

A mason jar, a chalkboard and felt pens is all you need. Get your guests to write ideas for your date nights and never run out of ideas yourself.

3dfff97bb63916baacc29713778b5778 #InstaWeddings

For the Instagram aficionados and the posers, there’s nothing quite like the social wedding. Get your guests to use a special hashtag for all the photographs they upload of your wedding. So when the hustle and bustle is done you can always browse through the photographs and moments you missed.

The Photo Booth

Wildly popular at Sangeeth’s today, a list isn’t complete without incorporating it.

Fun props, frames, message boards and poses, there really is nothing quite like a photo booth to add a little extra fun to the festivities.

Building Memories

Guest books are always great when you browse through them once the dust has settled. Reminiscing the day and hearing from your guests. Change it up a little, move away from the traditional (boring) guest book to incorporating perhaps Jenga pieces or rocks. Keeping you grounded perhaps?


Two Cents

Everyone has their two cents worth of advice; let your guests have a go at it with funky wedding coasters.


These are our favourites but there’s no limit on creativity.  If you’re planning a small intimate ceremony or helping a friend plan their big day incorporate some fun ideas and share it with us.

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