cuidados-cabelos-verao-e1446829482491  Summers are here yet again with soaring temperatures and the battle to protect your skin from rude rays of the sun has begun! Remember, as a little girl how many times were you given skin tips to grow up to be a pretty girl? And then you grew up with some of your own beliefs too! Isn’t it? You have turned out be to undoubtedly beautiful just as your mother, but the myths which you were fed with.. how true were they? Find out here:


Myth 1- Remember the time when your granny was always after you to drink water at regular intervals during summer vacations? She always said “ if you drink lot of water, your skin will become hydrated and clear”.. But how true was it?

Portrait of a little girl

Fact- When you gulped down glasses of water, at that age all you understood was the endless runs to the loo.. isn’t it? Well, now you need to understand is that, every individual’s skin type is different! And too much water just  isn’t going to help you to get a clear, flawless skin! Water keeps the body hydrated but the skin type is defined by your metabolism!! And… if at all it was true that dry skin was due to lack of water, then my dear, you would not be reading this, but chatting with nurses at the hospital!



Myth 2 – Teenage years have always been tough! Especially when pimples start paying you a regular visit and the bird in you is unleashed to explore every type of junk food with friends and gang. That was a phase when, your mother always said that the oil intake and the junk you hog on to, is the reason  behind your acne/pimple. Remember? But is it oil?


Fact- Teenage years are the times when the body experiences a hell lot of hormonal changes and too many changes a body can also sometimes not take it all. Yes.. you are now thinking on the brighter side! Acne/pimples erupt due to hormonal imbalances and that is the reason why most teenagers experience them. Well now you cannot blame it on the junk.. go ahead and take that tempting slice of pizza, But that doesn’t mean you can get away with it completely.  One needs to maintain a balanced diet, as excess of anything is unhealthy.. Your mum wasn’t completely wrong!


Myth 3- Out of school and out in the sun! Remember that time when there were endless adventurous trips and your facewash your best friend in the bag? You kept washing as the oil kept making your face shine brighter than the sun. and it just went on and on and on!! So you gradually got into the routine and started believing that oily skins need frequent washing.

face wash

Fact- Did frequent washing help you? Did that now ring a bell? May be you missed out on the fact that once you started frequent washing.. the oil kept coming back more quickly to your face than when you started.  So here’s what happened- frequent washes ended up gradually activating your oil glands which rest beneath your skin, so every time you washed your face, the oil kept getting back to the surface of your skin.  The science behind this is that frequent washing over dries the skin and stimulates the oil glands making for face look even more oily. For best results, was your face only thrice with a mild soap!


Myth 4 – Sunscreens are a must in today’s times, especially during summers in a country like ours! We always seen what the directions are to use/apply a products, and we follow what the sunscreen tube also says. Apply 15-20 minutes before setting out in the sun, and we do so. Which makes you believe that the product should only be applied while going out in the sun… but is that enough?


Fact- Ours is a country where, the sun is streaming all throughout the year and the skin needs to be protected at every point. Tan doesn’t happen only while you are out but also while you are sitting indoors!! Ever imagined that? Well that the harsh truth of reality. To securely avoid darkening, pigmentation, allergies, aging & wrinkles, one must keep the skin protected at all times! It isn’t just the sun when shining on top of your head.. but its rays which pierce through the windows are equally harmful and damaging.



Did this take you down the memory lane? The summer vacations… Teenage years…. Junk food fights with your mother and the Pimple phases?? Times cannot be relived but can be remembered at any point!