Destination Wedding at a Palace in Udaipur

Destination Wedding at a Palace in Udaipur


Chances are you’re probably overwhelmed by the numerous tasks that lay ahead of you now that you’ve decided to take the plunge and tie the knot away from home.

Not only are you planning a wedding, you’re also planning a vacation for you and your guests as well as a honeymoon. It can be really overwhelming and things can quickly fall through the cracks if you’re not organized.

There’s so much to do, but where do you start?

Use the following destination wedding checklist to keep you organized, right on schedule and most of all, sane!!

9-12 months before the Destination Wedding:

 Think about the type of ceremony/reception you want (formal or informal, big or small) and the weather you want

 Create a budget

 Choose a destination & research its marriage requirements.

 Browse popular locations

 Choose a date

 Request proposals and photos from resorts & venues that interest you.

 Do a site visit if time and budget allows. You can scout venues/resorts in person before making a decision, meet with vendors, do food tastings, hair and makeup trials, etc.

 Settle on a venue, reserve your date with them and put down a deposit

 Start a folder to house all your paperwork, ideas and inspiration in one place. For example, contracts, and magazine pages or print outs of photos that inspire you (flowers, attire, favours, decorations)

 Compile the guest list

 Start collecting guest’s email and mailing addresses

 Shop for your dress, keeping in mind the destination’s climate

6-9 months before the Destination Wedding:

 Book a photographer (the good ones are booked quickly so do this sooner than later).

 Book a block of hotel rooms for your guests

 Launch a personal destination wedding website. You will use this website to keep your guests updated about important wedding information and collect RSVP’s

 Send out save the dates and include your website URL

 Select the decor you want and hire a decorator.

 Choose your menu and cake.

 Book the DJ or band

 Buy your accessories: shoes, headpiece, jewellery, lingerie

And most of all, don’t forget to have fun. One of the biggest challanges of planning the perfect destination wedding is finding the right venue. Don’t forget that the 7Vachan team can help you find and book your destination wedding venue in flat 3 days. They take your requirements, sent you a list of venues, you shortlist the venues, and then they finally negotitate on your behalf. All of this happens with you sitting in the comfort of your house!