Anoop Padalkar is one of the very few brave souls who listened to his heart, when he quit his job in sales and moved to photography. Anoop, who dared to follow his dream, talked to 7Vachan about his journey so far, challenges faced and most importantly his love for wedding photography. Given below is the excerpt from the candid talk he had with us:

  1. Could you narrate your first experience with a camera?
    My first experience with a camera was during my MBA days when I had gone for an industrial visit to Shimla. I was happily capturing images of myself and my friends. The thought of  making it a profession had not crossed my mind back then.
  1. What is your inspiration for photography?
    I get to meet different people from different parts of the world which is very exciting for me. I also get to travel to various places. This inspires my photography.

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  1. Did you take any training for photography? Or are you a self-taught photographer?
    Initially it was all self-learning, but then i enrolled for a short course in NIP Dadar which helped me learn the basics and build a strong base in photography.
  1. From sales to photography, how was the transition?
    It was life-changing, a huge and challenging transition. I had no one to look up to as everyone in my family was into service jobs in IT companies. So yes, building a foundation in this field was very tough and exciting.
  1. Why wedding photography?
    That is one genre of photography that gives you an opportunity to meet new people, explore new places, be a part of someone’s important day filled with fun and emotions. And yes,you get paid well at the end of the day!
  1. What’s the difference between wedding photography of the past and today’s photography?
    Initially the technology was very limited. It was all analog, so the scope for error was very less.Today due to advancement in technology, you have more room for errors, and at the same time,  more scope for creativity too.

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  1. Do you have a theme for each wedding or do customers decide the theme?
    Yes, we do create a theme for the wedding depending on the likes and dislikes of the client. Usually it is a mixture of the place and the requirement of the client which decides the theme.
  1. How do you figure out if it’s a candid photo moment? When is that decisive moment?
    Candid Photography is more about your instincts rather than striving for that particular moment. You never know when can you get the best photo of the day.
  1. Which is the most memorable wedding you have done so far? And why?
    I cherish each and every wedding I have covered till date, but the one that is close to my heart is the one I covered in Delhi during the initial stages of my career. It was a grand wedding that gave me lot of freedom and opportunities to work well.Truly a memorable one for me.
  1. What advice would you give the couples to get good wedding photographs?
    I always tell the couple to be themselves and cherish the moment. There is no point trying to create extraordinary moments because the real joy and happiness lies in the moment you share with your partner that day./li>

7Vachan wishes Anoop the very best in his future endeavours. To view his portfolio click here