Your wedding day, the most important day of your entire adult life, not to mention the one day when you will be the sole centre of attention. Friends, family and extended family will all be focused on no one else but you, looking at every minute detail they wouldn’t have otherwise. How does your hair look? Is your make up flawless?

A rather stressful time for a bride, to say the least. So we’ve put together a list of bridal beauty must-haves, to cover all your beauty-bases so you can concentrate on the more important things – like writing your vows and saying ‘I do’.

Fashion Tape

If you’ve never used fashion tape, it’s basically double-stick tape made for fabric and skin. Why on earth would you need that? Tape down your strapless gown (to keep it from slipping) and use it to keep bra straps from showing. It’ll even fix a ripped hemline in a pinch (so that you don’t have to fuss with safety pins).

 Hair Spray

You’ll need it for a finishing touch, a quick spritz between the ceremony and reception.

Cold Sore Relief and Concealer

All the stress and excitement of your big day could lead to an unfortunate cold sore. If you wake up to find a sore on your lip, there’s no need to worry! Dab on a wee bit of tea tree oil or vitamin E oil for relief add a smidgen of concealer and you’re good to go.

Foundation Primer

A picture-worthy complexion begins with a smooth foundation. Before applying makeup to your skin, start your wedding day beauty routine with Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.

Waterproof Mascara

You don’t have to fear shedding happy tears when you use Lancome Definicils waterproof mascara on your big day. Rated by ConsumerSearch as the best waterproof mascara, this brand will lengthen, separate and soften your lashes, all while guaranteeing a stay-put finish.

Sweat Control Wipes

The last thing you want to worry about during your wedding is over-sweating, but the nerves and excitement can lead to slick palms, feet and more. Carry a few sweat control wipes with you to keep the sweating at bay.

Breath Freshener

Your wedding day will include lots of eating, drinking and celebrating, but you still want to keep your breath fresh for all the kisses shared with your new husband. Instead of relying on gum or breath mints, carry a packet of Listerine PocketPaks with you. Just pop a dissolving strip in your mouth every time you need to freshen up.

Oil-Control Blotting Paper

Oil-control blotting paper is extremely effective at removing oil without messing up makeup. Pop a few sheets into your bag and blot before you walk down the aisle or after you hit the dance floor. Clean & Clear is great if you’re running on a budget when it comes to blotting paper or if you don’t mind splurging a little Shiseido’s ‘Pureness’ Oil-Control Blotting Paper is great.

So here’s your checklist for the beauty must haves on your big day. If you think we’ve left out something that you would recommend, leave us a comment.

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