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With a big recreational following, mixed games are very profitable. Even when an individual knows the rules of every game – which is far from guaranteed – the nuances of strategy are often not known about at all. The most popular mixed game of all is PokerStars’ 8-game, which can be found in cash game, sit n go and multi-table tournament format.

First of all, a big error is covered – playing far too many starting hands. This is followed by a section on what starting hands are the best to choose. Next the importance of scooping the pot is discussed, there are two different methods of doing this. Getting ‘quartered’ is a big problem in Omaha Hi-Lo and spotting situations where this can happen will save you a lot of chips. Finally you will find some words of warning about drawing to a low hand when heads-up. Card distribution can help you assess the likelihood of certain hands within a range. For example, there are 6 ways you can be dealt a pair of aces based on suits

If you instead look at Ace-King, there are 16 ways of this hand being dealt based on the suits. ‘Outs’ are the cards in the deck which will improve your hand.

The games used also cover HORSE and HOSE – which are also popular mixed game variations. Mixed poker games rotate different games after a set number of hands. For this reason it can pay to ditch speculative hands early, especially when there is heavy betting.

In a rebuy tournament there is a set period – usually 1 hour – where you can buy additional chips when you have your starting stack or less. This ensures there are a lot of chips in play, with people rebuying after they bust and most players starting with a double-sized stack. You will also get the opportunity to purchase an additional ‘add-on’ stack of chips at the first break. First you will find advice on handling rebuy poker tournaments, which are one of the most popular variations online.

Next turbo games, where the blinds increase very quickly, are covered before you will the knockout bounty games are looked at. Satellite qualifiers have their own strategy considerations and you’ll find that last. Success in poker tournaments involves adjusting from deep stacked play to shallow-stacks later. Since you will not be dealt enough strong hands to stay ahead of the blinds, antes and your opponents – you will need to stay active and make some moves.