It’s your wedding, looking your best – most confident and beautiful self – has to be your utmost priority. However, getting that bridal look is not a day’s job; months of hard work and care go into it.
We know that it’s a tough task, considering the hectic lives the modern brides have. But all is possible with a little bit of planning and effort. We have listed a few beauty routines a to-be-bride must follow to ensure that she looks most stunning on her D-day.
Hair – The Crowning Glory
Long, nourished, dark hair are on the wish list of every traditional Indian bride. Though long hair are not so common any more, well-nourished hair are a must. Take extra care to include Vitamin B & E to your diet to get that healthy glow in your hair. Regular oil massages or spa treatments should also be included to the hair care routine a few months before the D-day.

Avoid a change in hairstyle too close to the wedding day. Any experiments like colouring, streaks, new cut, etc should be tried a few months before to ensure that the results are as desired. A touch up or trim closer to the wedding day will help get the groomed look.
Skin – Not all that glows is glitter
No amount of make up can match a healthy glowing skin. Take special care of your skin to get that flawless look. To those who are troubled with acne, oily or dry skin, visiting a dermatologist six months before the wedding day would help, remember medicines or treatments take time to show results. Regular visits to a parlour or spa to get rid of dead cells, blackheads and tan are a must to get a perfect groomed look.
Face – Where the Beauty Lie
Every bride wants her face to outshine the jewels she will wear on her wedding day. A tough task, given the hectic and stressful few months before the wedding that leads to dry skin, dark circles and dull lifeless skin. A little precaution on your end can help avoid this disaster… lots of water, healthy food and a good night’s sleep should be on top of your to-do list.
Follow a daily regime to get a glowing skin, shower special attention to the skin, eyes and lips. Cleanse, scrub and moisturize your face, twice a day.
Hands & Feet
While the face and hair get a lot of attention, many brides ignore their hands and feet. Last minute manicure and pedicure can offer temporary benefits only, so it is best to take care of these extremities and show them some TLC regularly to get that well groomed look. Besides treating your feet to a pedicure, indulge in some spa treatments like massages, exfoliation, extra nourishment for dry cuticles and brittle nails, etc for a few months before your wedding.

A few ‘try at home’ trips to enhance the beauty of the bride…


  • EXERCISE helps improve blood circulation, which benefits the skin and hair. If your schedule allows do try some physical exercise like yoga or walks.

  • HYDRATE! Drinking a few litres of water everyday will cleanse the system and help get that natural glow.

  • EAT HEALTHY – add fruits and salads to your diet. Include a few multivitamins and iron /minerals supplements, if required.

  • USE SUN SCREEN to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

  • STAY HAPPY – it will show!

Your wedding is a ‘once in a lifetime’ special occasion. It’s time to look your gorgeous best. Start today!