The wedding invite is the first glimpse of the wedding for your guests. It paves the way for what lies ahead. Thus, a grand wedding calls for a grand invite! We are sure you would leave no stone unturned in creating that perfect wedding invite to make an everlasting impression on your guests; so we have put together a few pointers to help you with the exercise.


Let the Theme/Style Leads the Way

Before you start hunting for that perfect design/style, decide a theme or style for your wedding. Since the wedding invite offers the guests the first peek into your dream day, it is best if the card reflects your wedding theme/style.


A colour theme can also inspire a unique design. The current trend is to capture the wedding colours in the wedding invite itself.


IMP:Think the wedding theme/style through and discuss it with the venue/décor partners before making it a part of the wedding invite. A change in theme/style at a later date will make the invite look out of place.


Design Comes Next


Whether you would like to opt for the traditional ‘rectangular’ or ‘square’ card or a more playful and modern

design such as circular die-cuts or even a personalized hand-made box option, there are many options to choose from! Just remember that the budget increases with the size and intricacies of a design.



Rich colours and traditional motifs for a traditional ceremony or a classic white and gold for a classy old school event or a jeweled box for that royal feel – choose an option that goes well with your wedding theme as well as appeals to your personal sense of style.


IMP: Remember to factor in the cost of mailing these cards to your family and guests. Any shape other than standard envelope size can increase your postage and sending cost significantly.


Wise Words

While the design of the card is important, the information it provides is the main purpose of the wedding invitation. So ensure that the card provides all the required information to guests in a clear and concise manner – name of bride and groom, details of both the families, date, venue, schedule and any other detail that the guests should have. Do not forget to add a RSVP to keep track of whom to expect at the wedding.


If the guests are not familiar with area of the wedding venue, include a map with landmarks to help guests find the venue conveniently. In case of multiple functions, it would help if the design permits a separate card for each function, to ensure no confusion of dates or venues.
A destination wedding will require a lot more information since it is an out of town event. But avoid crowding your wedding card with all the details; instead create a wedding website, which can offer detailed information of all the extras. You could also share an itinerary through email, mentioning various functions and related details for guests’ reference.


IMP: Don’t forget to do a thorough copy check of the card before it goes into printing. Take the help of an elder in the family to ensure that no important information has been missed out. And then check it yourself, once again!


Select the Vendor Diligently

The choice of vendor is critical, as always. The design you choose would decide the cost, but it would be wise to check with a few vendors and compare quotes before finalizing the one as costs may vary. Do not trust quality based on the past work alone, request for a mock up of your design with all details in place – colour, paper, printing etc – to check before giving a go ahead on printing the rest. All reputed vendors would gladly oblige.


IMP: Discuss the choice of paper and colour with the vendor and take his advice seriously. After all you don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of pretty pink invites that don’t allow for any copy to show on them.


Another Option to Explore

To explore a much wider variety, and also save time and reduce stress, you can opt to shop online. Most of the reputed wedding card designers’ these days have their own website and offer this facility. Some even helps you design your own card online and get it printed later. The physical invite may differ a little from what appears online, but this issue can easily be tackled by requesting for an actual sample to check before going ahead with the final printing.


A beautiful wedding card is the result of a well-thought out and systematic process. Invest time in deciding on a design and vendor to ensure you get a card that meets your expectations as well as fits into your budget, making the entire exercise a rewarding one. And you never know the invite you create might ‘inspire’ many a guests starting a whole new trend.


Happy planning!


Stay tuned for our next post that will talk about all the trending designs this season. Keep reading!