Wedding time is supposed to be the time for the bride to pamper herself, indulge in fancy spa treatments and spend time relaxing. But, seldom does that happen. We all know that stress associated with finding the perfect outfit for each occasion, but finding the right footwear, which won’t leave your feet achy and swollen, is even more painstaking. Everyone thinks footwear is the last thing guest notice, but in reality it is equally important in setting your wedding day style.

Every occasion calls for a different style of footwear, which not only enhances the outfit, but is comfortable, so that you may last the evening enjoying all the festivities. Well fret not! Shoe sculptor Payal Kothai of Veruschka, guides you on what is the correct footwear to be worn on each occasion, so that you always have your best foot forward.

Payal suggests a sling back wedge. The wedge will add that much required height, making the sway of the lehenga even more graceful, while the sling back will ensure that your foot is kept in place while you dance the night away.


Since this function requires for  you to be seated for most part of function, you can wear a simple delicate Swarovski encrusted thong sandal. This makes it easy for you to slip in and out of your mehendi graced feet.
Get one of Veruschka’s signature double lift elegant sandals or glitter pumps. You will stand tall in these towering stiletto heels, while your gown cascades beautifully on the dance floor.
Usually when the bride looks her best, all adorned in bridal finery. Payal advices to go traditional.  Fabrics of choice in metallic and Swarovski embellishments make for the perfect jewellery for the feet.
Wear a peep-toe sandal to add luxury to your look, as everyone gets a peek at your feet, while you gather your lehenga hem, climbing up the reception steps.