Gone are the days when brides were happy with heavy random designs put together for their wedding day. Brides today are bolder, experimental and definitely way more independent when it comes to making decisions! Now, the brides listen to their heart than anybody else. With changing times, trends and traditional values, mehendi has evolved with time bringing in new designs and styles! Read on for the old and new avatars, you may not what to miss picking this wedding season!


  • Indian

Widely known as the traditional mehendi design, is mostly seem at every mehendi ceremony. It is the filigree type, an intricate fusion of peacocks, paisleys, flowers and all the sprirals, giving it a fuller look without leaving much space in between. No matter how repeated it is, it will remain everyone’s all time favorite mehendi style.


  • Arabic

There was a time when the Arabic style took us all with the wind. It gained quick presence but now isn’t all that popular. It looked way too plain when compared to the traditional style, but the bold outlines of leaves, flowers and vines, give it it’s true essence. Perfect for little girls at your mehendi ceremony.


  • Indo-Arabic

A single style has its own beauty, but when two come together to form one style, an extraordinary form takes place with a pleasant visual. This fusion of eclectic two design styles, are created with bold outlines filled in the simple yet intricate designs, maintaining the right balance between boldness and beauty. The Indo-Arabic style today, is one of the most popular style for weddings.

indo arabicindo arabic2

  • Pakistani

The ethnic modern brides are in line with tradition and trends! And this style assures you a spaced out yet beautiful designs with the right balance of geometric, floral and curvy paisley elements. This isn’t a popularly known style but just way to mesmerizing, even more than our own traditional design. It is a must try!


  • Mughlai

This mesmerizing style was the oldest and the most traditional form of mehendi. Popular among the Muslim homes and making strong presence at weddings yet again. This style simple compliments any of your designer lehengas and assures to complete your look with pride and go traditional yet classy. It is popular for being very neat and detailed with every curl and dot accentuated boldly.


  • Glitter

A little sparkle put in the right place always looks good and charming. The rising favorite among the modern bling brides, perfect for engagement, this style is rather normal and basic in terms of design, highlighting dots & curves in the pattern with glitter or Swarovski. This isn’t a style to last long best makes up for the perfect moment with the sparkle.


  • Bridal Mehendi

All the above mentioned designs and styles could be made up into nice and elegant wedding mehendi designs. But, as we all are, we broke through various style and created a shortcut called bridal mehendi. This style has become like, go with the crowd trend with random fillings of lot of patterns, flowers, paisleys, vines and a never ending list also including the baraat, ghodi, bride & groom and everything possible. But is that what a real bride really wants to follow?


No matter what style you choose, no matter how you plan, but make sure whichever mehendi artist you choose, he/she is well trained with neat application skills and uses pure henna and not chemical. Avoid chemical mehendi to avoid rough hands and rashes.

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