Your big day is almost around the corner and you have started panicking inside, mainly because you haven’t lost that extra kgs you need, to fit into your wedding lehenga. All of a sudden chicken wings at parties seem disgusting because of the oil and the masala on it. You cannot help but check the calorie content of the beer you have everyday. You hate relatives who visit you with sweets, obviously because it’s your wedding. It’s not just that they bring you sweets but also insist on putting a big piece in your mouth. Why is it never a small piece?

Thoughts are racing across your mind. You are thinking of aerobics classes, gym memberships  and various other fitness centres in your locality. The thought of the beautifully crafted lehenga for your special day, not fitting prim and proper on you, is making you hysterical. Relax, hysteria is only going to increase some more age lines on your face. We are not giving you full assurance but try out the following foods that will help you reduce weight. You may not be able to achieve 100 percent efficiency, but there will be worthwhile results for sure.


  1. Eggs: The debate is on as to whether the yolk should be removed from the full egg before taking it as a weight loss food. But researches have found that women who eat eggs for breakfast have been able to reduce twice as much weight compared to those who dont. It is probably because of the fact that eggs make you feel full for longer periods of time.
  2. Soup: Yes, we have all heard that a soup is healthy. But the reason for including soup in your meal is that people tend to eat lesser calories of food after the soup is consumed. Since the soup is packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals, you get all the necessary intake while reducing the extra carbs you were intending to take.
  3. Oatmeal: Do not go for the refined ones. The age-old pure oatmeal is an amazing “slow-releasing” carbohydrate that helps in burning fat. So ideally, have some hours before you exercise so that you get additional help from the oatmeal. If you think oatmeal is boring, spice it up with some blueberries or cherries or raisins.
  4. Salmon: This is not really for the vegan in you. Salmons have high levels of omega fatty acids and iodine that reduce inflammation and obesity related disorders. Hence this contributes to weight loss in an effective way by preventing metabolic diseases as well.
  5. Beans and legumes:  Rich in protein and fiber, the beans and legumes aid in  weight loss.  Black beans, kidney beans, lentils and others help in reducing your weight due to the high fiber content in them.
  6. Cottage cheese: Come on, it’s not just your grandma’s favourite. Cottage cheese, rich in protein and calcium, helps in the fat burning process. You will also reduce your calorie intake as the cheese makes you feel full.We hope the above foods will aid in your weight loss strategy. Once you have reduced a few kilos, 7Vachan’s makeup and mehendi artists will make sure that you look gorgeous on your wedding day.All the best!