Trends, Traditions, Tastes and every element that surrounds us is never the same.. And same is the face type of any two individuals. Jewellery at weddings and the grace on the face of a bride, have to go hand in hand for the perfect look and the limelight. If you are a bride-to-be and dream to look the best, read on to know which kind of jewellery will look perfect with your type of face.. Come, lets get a step closer to the pretty bride in the making!



#Oval Face Type

oval 1 oval 2oval 3

All those girls out there with an oval face type, its time to raise your heads with pride, as according to surveys, this is the most harmonious type of face in all! Bring out the sharpness of your soft featured face with geometric angles, like triangular shaped earrings, as the play of dimensions will add newness, statement and definition to your face. For the neck, jewellery that hugs and embraces your neck completely is the best choice to portray inner beauty at it’s best.  But, for those who like to go light on jewellery, can opt for thin chains but bigger pendants to pull off the perfect look. Create a unique look that brings out the true aesthetics of the modern era bride!!



# Round Face Type

round 1round 2round 3

Round faces look bigger & more circular if one plans to go big on the earrings and a heavy choker. But, round face types are rarely that as circular as they sound.. Such face types shout out for the need of long necklaces and earrings to elongate the face into a more oval appearance! Give those chubby cheeks and the strong forehead a visual push and grace it up with beautiful chandelier or long earrings varying in shapes and sizes. Lastly, let it be spilled, that nose pins just look awesome on round faces!! Wasn’t a nightmare as big as you thought.. was it????



# Square Face Type

square 1 square 3square 2

This type of face reflects a short & a wide look, which can be come across a little defined face type. A bride can add elegance & softness to the face by wearing waterfall design necklaces or bring out the dramatic & sharp features by wearing circular hoop or drop shaped earrings. Longer necklace will help lengthen the look of your face, adding a stretch to your short frame. So, now play around a little and you will realize how perfect longer necklaces & small earrings look on you, in case you never gave it a try!


# Rectangle Face Type

rectangle 1rectangle 2rectangle 3

A long rectangle face can just pull off grace and elegance in the best way possible! It demands jewellery that adds with and disguises the length of the face. Chokers & U-shaped necklaces reduce the length and break up the angles for a perfect look and soothing visual appeal. Round buttons & hoops, soften the angles of the long rectangular face  and make you look more beautiful. Lastly, Shorter necklace lengths would be a good choice if you are not a choker type of a bride!


# Triangle Face Type

triangle 1triangle 2triangle 3

Girls with triangular face type are just simply beautiful.. and the right kind of jewellery on your D-Day will just make you a pretty princess who is about to find her prince charming. This face type looks best with long necklaces, and one can get creative by adding pendants and mixing variety of chains and necklace lengths. The extra adornments will bring more balance to the strong jawed face and a liitle extra length to the earrings will just make you look perfect!



#Heart Face Type

heart 1heart 2heart 3

Heart shaped faces are just the opposite of the triangular face type, with a strong forehead and a narrow, defined chin.. Choker or short length neck pieces  work best for this facial type, as they add more bulk near the narrow area of the face to enhance it’s balance. Cluster or the small type earrings look stylish without adding extra length. Your heart shaped face can carry longer & shorter earrings, but all the brides-to-be please avoid geometric designs! You could try and use dome shaped elements that soften the appeal of the face and look your best at your priceless celebrations!!!


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