It’s your big day and there is no shortage of tension on your mind. On your big day, apart from things turning out the way you imagined, you also want good photos to relive it later. To help you get through those stressful times, here are a few tips for brides-to-be to get good wedding photographs:

  1. Get to know your photographer before hand: Having a rapport with your photographer can come very handy. Once you know how he works and what you need to do to give your best shots, things become much more simple. Talk to him before the big day and understand how to work with him to get good wedding shots.
    bridal tip 4
  2. Trial session helps: You could practice or try out a few poses with your photographer to check what works best for you. Ask him for a trial session so that both of you are on the same page. Locations could also be tried and tested beforehand.bridal tip 1
  3. Don’t always look at the camera: It is natural to look at the camera while being photographed. But sometimes honest, candid photos are captured when you are not posing for it. So when you are taken by surprise, you tend to get variety of options.
    bridal tip 3
  4. Makeup matters: “Real and reel” could be completely different sometimes.You might have got a good makeup session, but that may not be suitable for a photoshoot. So discuss with your photographer as to what should be the ideal tone of your skin to get good pictures.
    bridal tip 2
  5. Deep breath helps: You must have heard it many times but the reason why this is the proven age-old remedy is because inhaling and exhaling inhibits stress-causing hormones and lets you relax physically and emotionally. So take a chill-pill because you want to look relaxed to give best shots.

Wedding photographs are eternal. You are going to cherish it even after 30 years of your wedding. So getting it right with your photographer is important.

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