Weddings are pious ceremony which is celebrated in India inan exquisite way. It’s that time of life when a girl/guy finds her soul mate with dreams of happily ever after. And the occasion has to do justice with her dreams of a fairy-tale wedding. At the same time it should be an unforgettable event for the guests as well. To make wedding ceremony beautiful, every step taken, should be done in a way that it gets imprinted in the minds of those present for a lifetime.

 Among the various vital rituals on the wedding day, one such moment is the entry of Bride & Groom, which is like the grand opening scene of a blockbuster movie!! To make it truly memorable, here are some ideas & ways that would help you to make your D-day even more special.


A Story To Life 


A story or a theme works well when it comes the  entry of bride & groom- it can either be inspired from your favourite Bollywood/Hollywood movie  or a self made one, it can leave a lasting impact on your near and dear ones present.An inspiration from the movies/mythological characters or a story of your own, it’s your Day and no one can stop you from living your dream. The grand entry with poise and confidence is a visual treat for the on lookers and your dream wedding dancing into reality with every step!


The Flower Power

reception rachit

If a theme based ritual is not possible, one can go for entry ceremony either under a sheet of flowers- can experiment with it by not using the usual mongra& rose or one can opt for orchids, daisies etc. If you can’t make it grand by having an elaborate setup or a theme to go along with, then this too is a pretty idea. All it takes is imagination and a perfect picture in your mind.For a day’s wedding, have your the friends or siblings hold a specially designed sheet of flowers, overhead! What are friend for?? And to make it even better, use flowers that compliment your lehenga.


A Flair In The Air


This is especially for the bride to be as the groom’s entry will be grand itself with his baraat in town. So ladies, this is your time to make your entry grand as well. Using a Palanquin made up of peacock feather & arrive like a Queen stealing the hearts of your guests. Make your way towards the centre stage, getting the much needed attention of the guest and the groom himself. Palanquin is one of the best things to be used, along with some traditional music for the entry. It give you a flair, that is just way too good to be missed by anyone!


Prop It Up


 “People will stare.. Make it worthwhile..’ once said Harry Winston.. And all the brides were geared up to make every step worthwhile! A bride is the star at the weddings with all eye on her. Hold your breath and live the moment in the most stunning & eye catching ways. Invest in an attractive usage of prop that compliments well with the outfit. Like a silver / golden lotus, a flower embellished birdcage. The groom can make an interesting entry with a vintage scooter or car or even a classic Bike wearing an indo western attire!


Turn Up Music


A wedding dream coming to life is like the most beautiful & soothing music to ears! And.. Indian weddings are just incomplete without the music! Isn’t it? Well, why have all the noise from the groom’s side?? It’s time brides take over and have a bombastic entry with the Music that suits the scenic beauty at it’s best. A shy bride or a an enthusiastic bride… make sure you don’t miss match the entry and the music.. and always keep a back up track.. you don’t want to mess it up. Do you?



Images & Inputs by: Mr. Ashu Gupta, Founder- Good Times Concepts