Dreading of the day when you have to do the Herculean task of introducing your boyfriend to your family? Will they like him the way he is? How should you prepare him to impress the family? Will the family like him? You have been imagining and rehearsing the encounter in your head for a while now.


On a normal wedding timeline, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The real hectic preparations and the stress factors start accumulating post your parents’ approval of your fiancee. So here are a few tips to smoothen the situation:


  1. Be yourself: One of the first things your parents or any other family member would notice is that if you are comfortable being with your partner. If you appear to be tensed or stressed, then they would naturally re-think. So be calm and most importantly be yourself when you are introducing him to your family.
  2. Make sure everybody is well informed in advance: Well, we dont know for sure how surprises work out in such cases. So it is best that both the parties know when they are meeting each other. Being prepared will rule out unwanted embarrassments.
  3. Do not constantly interfere: It is definitely a stressful time for you. You want things to go perfect but the most important thing is that it may not if you constantly interfere. Do not feel the need to explain things to either of them. Let everybody feel comfortable with each other on their own terms.
  4. Refrain from physical intimacy with your boyfriend: You are excited to the core but do remember that parents are protective, no matter how old you are. Considering the stereotypical Indian mentality, it would be better if you dont kiss welcome or goodbye to him.
  5. Keep it short: You want them to get to know each other and like each other. But since this is the first meeting, you might want to keep it short. When either of them faces shortage of topics, then it’s better to wrap up. They will eventually feel comfortable with each other but don’t expect it to happen on the very first day.


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