Your first wedding anniversary is as special as your wedding. Enjoying the closeness and planning your future can be a beautiful moment that you cherish forever. To make it memorable, here are a few ideas that you could try out:

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Relive your first meeting: The first time you met each other will always remain special. So on your first anniversary, why don’t you recreate the magical experience you had at your first date/ first meeting? You could go to the same restaurant/mall where you met each other, order the same food, may be even wear the same clothes and try if you can remember every little thing that happened during that time.

First anniversary photoshoot: After your wedding and honeymoon, this is yet another opportunity to be in the limelight with your love. Get a photo shoot done from a professional photographer. You could think of a first anniversary theme to spice it up. If you think you don’t need a professional photographer, get into the selfie mode. So you become your photographer

Gift each other mixtapes/ playlists/ itunes: So tapes may not be easy to find, let’s stick to CDs. Make the compilation of all your favourite love songs and gift your partner. Listening to all the songs will walk you down the memory lane. Romantic songs for a romantic wedding anniversary would be sweet.

Write your heart out to him/her: Writing on paper? Ya it sounds better when it is on the computer, atleast the auto correct is there for help, right? So basically, without any prejudice, write what you feel about your partner. You will receive a warm response if you are able to convey your feelings. Rather than purchasing cards, isnt it better if you can write it?
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Weekend getaways: Surprise him/her with a planned weekend getaway. You could choose a place of your partner’s choice, drive down to the place and have a fun weekend. You could get a surprise cake or a candlelight dinner. An ideal weekend getaway can bring you closer and add romance to your wedding anniversary celebrations.

We hope you have a wonderful first anniversary celebration. If you tried out innovative ways of celebrations, do let us know. Check out the collection of pre-wedding photos and wedding photos at