Make-ups have the power of bringing your inner beauty come forth give you a priceless look and a radiant face. With times and advancements in the looks, the makeup industry too has advanced into it’s field and doing wonders especially when it comes to your wedding day look! Some take on the new techniques, while some stick to the older versions. For out here what could suit you the best for that picture perfect look!


  • High Definition

A fan of Bollywood carving for the same flawless look? Get the high definition make up with its  technique so fine, makes your skin look just perfect and the make up so real. The pores aren’t noticeable, blemishes get hidden naturally, blend of the product is so smooth, that there are no visible mis-match patches between the face and the neck! The shades used are true to real skin and doesn’t let your facial hair shine. This technique is a complete head stunner for the beautiful brides at their weddings!


  • Air Brush

Make up sprayed onto the skin using an air brush is the technique and the new in thing. This has pushed make up applications with sponges, brushes and fingers to the side. With rising hygiene concerns, Air Brush, technique wise is more sanitary than the traditional make up application. This is faster and water proof unless you make an effort to remove it. This technique has become one of the wisely chosen techniques among the brides, due to its long wearing and flawless appearance for up to 12-24 hours without a touch up!


  • Matte

Matte has been our all time favorite, isn’t it? We all know that the matte makeup technique is way far from the shimmer and shine, unlike most make ups today using glitter and all. This make up takes very little to cover up the wrinkles and lines, giving a good shape to your face and a charm which one never noticed! A lot may people complain of oily skin, well then this is the best type of make up one can go for, for it doesn’t  let your skin shine out of oiliness. On one hand, this technique definitely makes you look younger, but on the other hand, it demands for a healthy skin! Choose wisely.


  • Standard

Widely known as the traditional make up technique, this is losing its charm in the world of highly advanced make up techniques. While others have their winning points, this age old make up technique too has its points. It allows you to retouch easily, build quick damages and very conveniently can be manipulated to fix broken make up. But, this isn’t what the brides are now opting for! Simply because, it gives a heavy feel to your skin, makes you look cakey, demands touch ups and can be really time consuming!


Be remembered for the right reasons, choose your make up expert wisely!

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