As little girls, granny’s ‘Ghar Ki Nuskhe’ always made us run out of the kitchen, the moment she used to pull out the milk vessel from the fridge. It was a task to gulp down milk and milk on the face was a nightmare! But as we grew up.. beauty regimes and hacks became our best friends, to achieve a flawless and a radiant skin. Slowly from hating granny’s advices we turned to loving it to the core. We all know that a bride is supposed to look the best, with radiant glowing skin.. If you are a bride-to-be, you don’t want allergies to show up while trying chemical products,, do you? Here are 3 home ingredient hacks that give you a gorgeous glow and a flawless skin on your D-Day! Read on:


 Milk & Lemon Slice!

    milk 1lemon slice 1

Raw milk has been a beauty hack since decades; we cannot even count back to! A newer way to this is to, drop a slice of lemon in the raw milk and putting it in the refrigerator.. you may use this as a toner and cleanser to keep your skin get into the cleaning process few months before the big day!. Milk works as a whiting agent and lemon works as a bleaching agent, giving you a perfect and an instant glow. Be it on a regular day or your wedding day.. apply milk and lemon, let it rest for 10 mins and then get on with your makeup.

Milk & Papaya

milk & papaya 2

Ever heard about the papaya magic? For daily skin care solutions.. it just works wonders after a long tiring day at work. Exhaustion during wedding preparations is no match. All you need to do is, blend 2 slices of papaya with milk, make a fine paste and just relax. Rest for a while and rinse it with cold water, and look upto a fresh, clean & a smooth face!

Milk, Honey & Lemon Trio!


We all know what face packs do! They tighten the pores after you have done the exfoliation and the deep nourish. Raw milk helps you deep cleanse you skin and pulls out the dirt from your pores.. Well, as your Granny rightly said ages ago, that milk helps you attain a flawless complexion and a smooth skin. You don’t want your efforts to go waste.. do you? Tighten up the pores by preparing a purely natural face pack with ingredients straight from the kitchen!  Mix 2 tablespoons of milk, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Tada!! It is read.. Apply evenly, let it dry for 10-15 minutes, rinse off with cold water and a fresh face is ready.

Why let your skin & energy take a toll on you? Burst the bubble and bring out the bubbly side of you!

Input Courtesy: Dr Jaishree Manchanda, Founder & Cosmetologist – Youthful Secrets clinic

Image Courtesy: Google