“Love isn’t finding someone you can live with… it’s finding someone you can’t live without”

So when you finally find that special someone who gives you those butterflies and makes your heart beat faster, you of course want to celebrate this astounding union.

But, gone are those days when the union was celebrated in a quintessential style where the couples take the vows, go through the traditional rituals, the families celebrate their union with a gala dinner and the couple lives happily ever after! Yes, weddings these days have all the above-mentioned elements. But, there is definitely more to it!

And one sure-shot formula for a one-of-a-kind and an ostentatious wedding is – a palace wedding! What’s better than saying “I do” in an oh-so-amazing palace in alluring places like Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur and the list goes on…! Every aspect of a palace wedding spells royalty. Let’s have a look at some fun, frolic and feel-good factors that a palace wedding brings to your festivities!

1.   The Dreamy Décor

Yes, the most obvious yet awe-inspiring element in a palace wedding is the fanciful décor, the lustrous lights and the palatial feel in the air. Feel no less than “the royal couple” while you take your vows and exchange your rings.

The Dreamy Decor

2.    To-die-for Royal Outfits

Feeling underdressed- that is something, which will never happen in a palace wedding! So, all you excited brides-to-be, drape yourself in an elegant designer gown or a glistening ghagra, for not even a single outfit will be too much for the place you are marrying in! And for all you grooms-to-be, suit up in an uptown tuxedo or go for something that looks traditional as well kingly!

To-die-for Outfits

3.    A Majestic Maharaja-style Entry

‘Steal your dulhaniya away in the maharaja way’– mark your entry on a majestic elephant along with your enthusiastic entourage of friends and family. After all, a magnificent palace wedding deserves an equally grand entry!

A majestic maharaja style entry

4.    Princess Jodha-like Jewelry

Wedding jewelry – something that holds a lot of significance for every bride! Well, when it comes to palace weddings, no form of jewelry is an under-do! So ladies, adorn yourself like Princess Jodha on your wedding day. Flaunt all your glistening diamond rings, kundan neckpieces and Victorian style jhumkas!

Princess Jodha-like

5.    Organize A Gala Feast

Celebrate your togetherness with your loved ones by organizing a gala dinner, which delivers a special culinary experience. Host your rehearsal dinner or the wedding dinner in one of the many colossal dining halls that the palaces offer.

Gala feast

6.    Immerse Yourself In Ballroom Dancing

Ever imagined yourself engaging in a slow romantic dance with your special someone in one of the stately ballrooms in an exquisite palace? Sounds utopian right! Well, seal the deal with an aristocratic ballroom dance in the palace courtroom just after you tie the knot.

Ballroom dancing

7.    Out-of-the-world Firework Display

Yes, fireworks are always so ethereal. But, just imagine exchanging your first kiss with the magnificent palace in the backdrop and a brilliant firework show to celebrate this union. Isn’t it priceless?

Out of the world fireworks

8.    Princely Photo Shoots

Gone are those days when the photographs are taken only during the wedding ceremonies. Let’s welcome the era of pre as well as post-wedding photo shoots. Couples nowadays reach a dire strait while searching for the perfect destination for such photo shoots. Well, that wouldn’t be the case with you if you decide to get hitched in an exotic and an aristocratic setting of a palace.

Wedding Photoshoots

9.    Wedding Invites- Cultural, Classy And Chic

Do you want to give your guests a sense of the regal feeling that they will experience in your palace wedding extravaganza? If yes, then begin with a royal as well as an elegant invite. Grab a princely basket and put in your invite with some motichoor ladoos and wedding favors just like we witnessed in the Yeh Jawani Hain Diwani wedding.


10.     Get The Ultimate Traditional Feel

Lastly, a palace wedding gives you as well as your guests a transcendent traditional feel. After all, you get to marry only once. Make that ‘once’ the best! You can even opt for traditional dance performances on one of the pre-wedding nights to give your guests a delightful cultural experience. Ultimate feel


Yes, with a palace wedding, you literally get to marry king size! But planning one can make the couple pull their hair out. That’s where 7Vachan enters. Right from booking your palace destination venue to finalizing on the photographer, make- up artists and your honeymoon- we do it ALL while you sit at the convenience of your home. Begin your fairytale your way with the help of your 7Vachan wedordinator.